September 27, 2023


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iphone privacy settings

Secure Your iPhone by Enabling this Privacy Settings First

On 12 Dec 2018, The New York Times confirmed that many unofficial mobile applications regularly collect users’ location data and share the details with various third-party companies. The location details are updated more than 14,000 times a day and it is accurate within a few yards.

Apps are constantly checking for the location and also ask permission if not enabled already. Some apps actually don’t need the location data to work correctly. But, those culprit apps ask just to collect and make some money with it.

To prevent this, let disable the location access immediately. Take your iPhone, open Settings –> Privacy –> Location Services. Did you notice that the location setting is turned for most of the apps?

On that screen, you see a list of apps that requested your location access. Now, it’s time to open your brain. Go through the list of apps and think about whether the application actually needs your location data or not. You can have the option to change the setting to ‘Never’ for every individual app if it is not needed.

In some cases like Google Maps or Payment apps change the setting to ‘While Using the App’. The setting allows the app to access the data only when you are using the application. It is recommended to not give full access as ‘Always’ for any app even it is a weather app.

Nowadays your camera is embedding the location into photos to know in which place it was taken. You can turn off it too.