April 22, 2024


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South Yorkshire PC ‘upset’ at racism claims

A police officer accused of using a racial slur at work was “upset and angry” to learn of the complaint, a panel has heard.

PC David Warwick is said to have used language that was “offensive in the extreme” towards a British-Indian colleague.

Temp Sgt Baldeesh Boora¬†Brown said he used the racist word at Sheffield’s Shepcote Lane custody suite last July.

PC Warwick, who denies gross misconduct, has admitted making a comment about an Indian man later the same day, but said it was due to “unconscious bias” rather than racism.

At the second day of his South Yorkshire Police hearing, the constable said he had “felt terrible” when he learned of the allegations against him.

He was reported for the use of a racist word referring to her heritage, and for the further incident on the same day in which he suggested a 105-year-old Indian man owed his long life to “eating curry”.

Giving evidence, PC Warwick said that, on reflection, the comment had been based on “geographical, not racial” assumptions.

PC Warwick, who has been a police officer for 24 years, had just been told he would be promoted and was left “devastated” by the allegations, the panel was told.

He felt he was “set up to fail” by the force the following week, during conversations with senior officers and a welfare officer, he said.

During questioning, he said he had witnessed discrimination towards his Burmese-born mother-in-law and had seen first-hand how upset it had made her.

Referencing PC Warwick’s previous good character, representative Sarah Barlow said he was an officer “others rely upon to do the right thing”.

He denies his actions amount to misconduct and denies breaking South Yorkshire Police’s code of standards.

The panel is due to make their decision on Friday.

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