May 27, 2024


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Steam Games to Soon Arrive to Samsung Chromebooks

Steam is undoubtedly the most popular video game distribution platform and it has been in works for the ChromeOS for some time now. The good news is that it is heading closer to the official launch. The alpha version of Steam was announced for ChromeOS at Google for Games Developer Summit 2022. This means that Steam is now compatible with ChromeOS-powered Samsung Chromebooks as well as other Chromebooks.

Chromebook Users Could Soon Enjoy Steam Games without an Issue

However, it is worth noting that the Steam Alpha has just been launched. This means that you will not be able to use the feature just yet. Google is clearly serious about bringing Android games to PC.

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For those interested, Google has also shared the minimum system requirements that are required to play games using Steam Alpha on Chromebooks, the company has mentioned a Chromebook with 11th generation Core i5 or i7 and a minimum of 7 gigs of RAM will be required to run Steam Alpha. This clearly takes all the affordable Chromebooks out of the equation.

If you are looking to get more information on Steam Alpha for Chromebooks, you can do so on Google’s community forum. Sure, the post is live but at the time of writing, there is no concrete information on when the service is going to be live.

You should also note that service will arrive via the ChromeOS’ dev channel for a limited set of users. Additionally, Google has also announced a new game overlay for ChromeOS devices on specific Android titles.

Are you excited for the Steam Alpha to arrive on Chromebook? Let us know what games you are looking forward to. 

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