October 2, 2023


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Street Fighter V Definitive Update Coming On March 29

Street Fighter V is getting an upgrade on March 29, which developer Capcom calls the “definitive update” for the long-running fighting game. Once it arrives, players can expect new battle balance tweaks, cel-shading and pixel filters, more tracksuit colors for characters, and in-game remixes of several tracks.

This isn’t the first time that Capcom has gone under the hood of Street Fighter V for a technical overhaul, as post-release patches were followed by Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition in 2017 and Street Fighter: Champion Edition in 2020. As for the filters, they provide some interesting new graphical options for the game.

The cel-shaded mode meshes well with the current art direction–something that Street Fighter Alpha fans will likely appreciate, while the pixel filter dials the color vibrancy down and roughs up the character model edges so that they look like they stepped straight out of an early 1990s arcade cabinet. Both filters are only available in offline mode though, so don’t expect to host a retro multiplayer evening with them unless you’re doing couch co-op.

Street Fighter V will be taking a backseat once the next chapter in the series, Street Fighter 6, makes its debut. While it’s still early days, Capcom has officially confirmed that the game is in development and released a teaser trailer for it in February. Very little was shown, but the video did reveal that series mainstay Ryu had finally saved up enough fight money to purchase a pair of sandals.

Street Fighter V has done well since its 2016 release, having sold more than 6 million copies and has presumably earned plenty of sales with its robust DLC packages over the years.

Capcom also announced the Capcom Fighting Collection last month, which includes 10 classic fighting games and launches on June 24 for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC.

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