June 24, 2024


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Switching From PC to Mac: What You Need to Know First

Microsoft PCs and Apple MacBook computers dominate the market, and there is even a rivalry between the users of the two. PCs are famous for their pricing, versatility, and processing, while MacBooks are a designer’s dream in looks and function. Choosing either is a matter of taste, function, and price sensitivity.

Most people start on PCs then move to MacBooks for one reason or another. If you make the switch, you may find that there is a marked difference between the two, such as:

  • The MacBook mouse is different; it’s a single button instead of two.
  • You may need to learn new keyboard shortcuts.
  • You will come across features and functions similar to Windows but have different names like the Dock, which is similar to the Taskbar, or System Preferences similar to Control Panel.

Most of these differences are superficial, and you will get the hang of a MacBook in no time.

Comparing PC to Mac

The PC and Mac run on different operating systems (OS), Windows and MacOS, respectively. Your preference will most likely depend on features, capabilities, user-friendliness, and price. There are some notable differences between the two.

Windows is on almost eight out of every ten computers in the world. That means you can get any size, shape, or price machine you want on the OS. The depth and breadth of Windows mean that Windows has the most extensive software library and compatible hardware.

Windows’ market dominance means that users can easily play graphically intense video games or work with high-powered software for media, video editing, or computer-aided design. Additionally, any third-party add-ons such as a mouse, keyboard, webcam, storage drive, graphics tablet, printer, scanner, microphone, monitor, or any hardware you want to add to your computer will work with Windows.

Only Apple products can run on the MacOS. That means the MacOS only has to run for a limited product range and configurations, so it runs a lot better than Windows. Mac products tend to be higher quality, have fewer bugs, and consistently perform well. The design is also intuitive, so novice users can quickly grasp how it works.

The MacOS software market isn’t as broad as Windows. Still, it has an expansive collection of cross-platform software, bespoke apps, Apple in-house programs, and the most popular third-party software is available on MacOS. Despite its power and progress in the genre, Mac doesn’t have many games available on its platform. Because Apple operates on a closed system and doesn’t enable users to upgrade its computers easily, gamers can’t easily customize their machines.

The Mac works well if you own other Apple products, you will get a unified design language, tools, and cross-functionality through an Apple account. MacBooks are generally more robust than PCs, but they are hard to repair due to their product philosophy. If you need to repair Apple products, you must use an accredited repair service. When searching for computer fix options near me, make sure you opt for a professional service provider that will fix your issue and maintain your warranties.

Making the Switch Seamlessly

If you want to switch from a PC, you should try to get a feel for Mac computers by trying one out at an Apple store or using a friend’s MacBook if they happen to have one. Once you decide to switch over to Mac from PC, the first step you will take is to choose a machine. Apple has a range of laptops, consumer home computers, and powerful high-end machines that you can choose from. The laptop category has the light MacBook Air laptops, acceptable for general use, and the more powerful, heavier MacBook Pro laptops.

The home computer range has the low-cost, low-feature Mac Mini and the iMac with more customization and upgrade features. The high-end spectrum has the iMac Pro and Mac Pro, which boast features like Intel Xeon server-grade processors, Radeon Pro Vega GPUs, and lots of RAM. The iMac Pro and Mac Pro are for professionals who need powerful machines; most users will have their needs met through other products.

Don’t sell your PC immediately after getting a MacBook. Wait to see if you like the new Mac computer, remember you can always return the Mac within a certain amount of time if you don’t think it’s for you. A computer is an investment, so you want to make sure you’ll be happy with it for years.

Make the Choice

The difference between the two is mainly on style and price. With the slight difference that MacBooks are ideal for designers, while PCs will suit gamers and others who need to customize their machines. If you like a system that works smoothly, can synchronize with other Apple products and looks good while doing it, then Mac is your brand.

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