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The 10 Most Dangerous Weapons On The Team, Ranked

The Suicide Squad was a vastly different cinematic experience from anything DC has created before. From the mind of James Gunn, the cast and crew brought audiences a violent extravaganza, which boasted a range of intelligently designed and completely lethal weaponry.

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Although these weapons were, of course, inspired by the source material, none of them felt quite as dangerous on the page as they did on the screen. Through a combination of visual effects, practical stunts, prop design, and brilliant performances, all of this tactical gear made a real impact on the battlefield. But which of these weapons are the most dangerous?

10 Rick Flag’s Guns

Rick Flag with Peacemaker and Ratcatcher 2 in the tower in The Suicide Squad.

Rick Flag is very much the leader of Task Force X within the field. He has to hold his own in battle, which is why he has been fitted with a number of expensive and precise weaponry – each of which he is well-equipped to wield.

It’s perhaps Rick Flag’s shotgun that has dealt the most damage in battle though and the weapon of choice that Flag continues to return to. Although it is quite basic in its design in comparison to some of the other weapons in the Squad, it serves its purpose and helped the leader fight his way out of a variety of sticky situations.

9 Javelin’s Javelin

Harley Quinn Javelin Flowers The Suicide Squad

In one of the biggest shocks in The Suicide Squad, Javelin was killed off a few minutes after he had been introduced. However, the character’s weapon of choice was used long after his role in the movie was complete. Harley Quinn took on the javelin the villain gets his name from and used it ferociously in battle.

It doesn’t feature any magical properties or hide any specialist equipment, yet it is unbreakable, well balanced, and has proven to be a brilliant aid in the midst of conflict. Harley maimed and murdered countless bad guys with the javelin and even utilized it against Starro himself.

8 Captain Boomerang’s Boomerangs

Captain Boomerang accepting his death by helicopter in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad

Captain Boomerang was heavily featured in the initial installment of this franchise so although he has a smaller part to play here, his boomerangs shouldn’t be overlooked. Granted, fans don’t get to see much from them this time around, but they are still lethal and brilliantly designed.

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Each boomerang boosts a different ability and fans know just how competent the Captain really is with his weapon of choice. Of course, a boomerang also causes issues twice over thanks to its unique feature of returning to its owner, giving Captain Boomerang an edge in comparison to those who use limited ammunition.

7 Peacemaker’s Knife

Peacemaker bloodied and beaten without his helmet in Jotunheim in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad

Peacemaker has his own array of dangerous equipment which he has built up over the years, consistently adding to his collection of tools that he feels will be able to bring some semblance of peace. His guns and gadgets might be dangerous, but his small knife packs the most punch.

Easily concealed and an incredible killing machine, Peacemaker always comes back to this curved knife again whenever he is in a tight spot. It’s had a number of victims and while it isn’t impressive in comparison to some of the other choices on the table, is ultimately exactly what the character requires in the thick of it.

6 King Shark’s Teeth

King Shark Suicide Squad

King Shark is a weapon all by himself and his sharp teeth are proof that when you’re built like a beast, you don’t have any use for guns and swords. King Shark is considered to be one of the best characters in The Suicide Squad, combining James Gunn’s penchant for violence and humor in a singular figure.

King Shark is quite happy to throw himself in the middle of the action and utilize those sharp teeth to tear through the enemy. The character seems even more powerful than a regular shark, which might link back to his supposed god-like heritage.

5 Amanda Waller’s Bombs

Amanda Waller might not be on the front lines, but she’s still controlling everything behind the scenes. As such, she needs a weapon of her own to be able to bring her nefarious forces in line. The bombs implanted into each of the Suicide Squad’s necks are some of the ultimate weapons.

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She can set this bomb off at will and no one is immune to its effects. Although being able to turn the key to a villain’s destruction can be a long process, it is a definitive one. It’s a power that Waller wields with great force, although a weapon that can also be easily stripped from her, denoting its ranking despite the lack of defensive strategies against its use.

4 Bloodsport’s Suit

Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad after a battle, looking up in horror

Bloodsport is a specialist in weapons and has his own suit, which is essentially a giant piece of equipment all by itself. Every single aspect of its design behind the scenes was created to generously pack in various weapons and other such gadgets, from guns to bombs, knives to other assorted objects of violence.

Each piece of the suit can combine with one another to create a full array of other such gear to use against the enemy. It’s impressive to watch it all come together and Bloodsport’s suit manages to support him through most of the film before the character ultimately runs out of the seemingly limitless options.

3 Starro’s Facehuggers

Starro in The Suicide Squad looming over the town, on the ground are several people with starfish on their faces

Starro is another character that’s been designed as a living weapon. However, not only do his many limbs and advanced size cause a problem for Task Force X, but his smaller starfish also have a large impact.

These gory creatures are very similar to the popular alien design of facehuggers. They grip onto the face of the enemy and completely control the victim, bringing these humans affected into the hive mind of Starro himself. It’s a weapon that’s difficult to protect against and creates an army in the process. However, it can be overcome through wearing a mask.

2 Polka-Dot Man’s Emitters

Polka-Dot Man in The Suicide Squad unleashing the polka dots from his arm tech

Polka-Dot man was surprisingly one of the most beloved characters in The Suicide Squad and perhaps made some of the best decisions that were clearly based on an internal moral compass. His intergalactic disease gives him his powers, but his emitters allow him to weaponize and control them.

They are powerful hardware, allowing the villain to aim his polka dots at anything he wishes and even controlling some of the intensity of them. The result of this allowed Polka-Dot Man to use his impressive abilities on a handful of occasions, including to burn off the leg of Starro.

1 Ratcatcher 2’s Controlling Device

Ratcatcher 1 helps his daughter, Ratcatcher 2, with a flashlight

Ratcatcher 2 inherited the stunningly created technology from her father to control rats. This device acts almost like a magic wand, making the rats submit to each of Ratcatcher 2’s commands. This means that the character can control millions of rats.

With an army at her disposal, there are plenty of uses for this tiny team of terrors. Although they were used to dispatch of Starro ultimately, they were also used throughout the film as distractions and even to take apart security cameras, demonstrating the range of the device.

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