May 24, 2024


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The Best Smart Lockboxes for Keeping Small Valuables Safe

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When you need to safely store keys, cards, and other small essentials, a smart lock key box can offer great peace of mind. The internet of things has allowed us to control everything from our front door to our indoor air quality, and now you can even stow away valuables in Bluetooth-enabled lockboxes that can be controlled from afar.

The best smart lock electronic key boxes allow you to control access via WiFi and a smartphone app, but they also work without an internet connection. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, short-term rental property manager, or realtor, these high-tech storage devices make it incredibly convenient to share car or house keys or access cards with others. If you ever get locked out, a smart key box can offer instant access — no app required. They’re also great to use while traveling and are ideal for use in vehicles or hotels when you want your own, on-the-go safe.

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What Are the Benefits of a Smart Lock Key Box?

High-tech lockboxes offer more than just secure storage in smart homes. Keep reading to learn more about the features and benefits of smart lock key boxes.

Safe storage: In addition to keys, you can stow away other large items such as key cards, IDs, small folded documents, and other pocket-sized belongings.

Indoor or outdoor use: Thanks to durable, weatherproof construction, you can use smart lock key boxes inside your home and in outdoor settings in cold or hot environments.

Wall or doorknob mounting: Not all lockboxes need to be attached to a doorknob or door handle. They can be mounted to walls or gates, attached to car interiors, or used to secure personal items inside hotel rooms.

Offline security: Most electronic key boxes come with an iOS or Android app, but they also don’t require WiFi to work. If you’re concerned about hackers cutting access to the internet in order to break into your unit, the best smart lockboxes are battery-operated and will continue to keep your belongings safe.

Remote access: If you’re expecting guests, you can grant access to the unit’s contents at a specific date and time or for a certain duration — no matter where you are. Other users don’t need to be tech-savvy, as smart lockboxes can be accessed by approved guests without an app.

Battery power: No need to hire an electrician — smart key boxes are battery-operated and can also be powered up via emergency chargers or other energy sources if they’re running low on juice.

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1. Igloo Home Smart Lock Key Box

Made with steel and zinc alloy, Igloohome’s Smart Keybox 3 is roomy enough to hold a key card, several house keys, and a car key. It doesn’t rely on WiFi to work and features unique algoPIN technology that lets you grant access remotely without requiring other people to download an app. We also like that it has a sleek and modern design.

You can set Bluetooth keys or PIN codes to secure the smart lockbox, and you can also set recurring, one-time, permanent, or duration-based access (such as the number of hours, days, or weeks). There’s no need to worry about offline safety breaches with this device as it doesn’t require WiFi to operate. If the battery is low or dead, the lock can also be plugged into a USB power charger for emergency access.

Igloohome’s app allows you to view access logs and create custom settings for different visitors. Airbnb hosts will especially love this smart lock key box because it can be synchronized to listing calendars and automatically generate and send unique PIN codes to confirmed guests.

This adjustable lockbox has plenty of other security features, too. It will enter security lockout mode for either one, five, or 10 minutes after five invalid entries, and it also re-locks automatically once it’s closed. It’ll also emit an alarm if it’s not closed properly, and the app will also send you reminders if the box is unlocked for a certain amount of time. You can even create a random eight-digit code as a decoy.

Best Smart Lock Keyboxes

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2. Master Lock Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe

Master Lock is a trusted name in security, and this wall-mounted smart key box certainly offers reassurance afforded by a longtime and dependable brand. It features an interior compartment that measures 3 3/5 inches high by 2 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/10 inches deep, so it’s large enough for cards and multiple keys. In total, the unit measures 5 inches high by 3 1/4 inches wide by 2 and 5/16 inches deep.

The digital lockbox can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s great for vacation homes in cold climates. It uses a CR123A battery that can be easily replaced.

We like that a WiFi connection isn’t required for this lockbox to work. Master Lock’s Vault Home app can be linked to up to 10 locks, and you can create settings for different guests, monitor activity, and receive alerts when the battery is low or if the unit is being tampered with. You can upgrade to the company’s business-focused Enterprise platform to manage scheduled access.

Best Smart Lock Keyboxes

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3. Populife Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box

Made of rust-free zinc alloy, this durable smart key box can resist damage from brute force. The entire box measures 7.7 inches long by 2.6 inches wide by 1.7 inches deep, while the inside is 2.4 inches wide by 1.4 inches deep.

This power-efficient lockbox can last as long as a year or up to 10,000 opens on four AAA batteries. Its waterproof construction can withstand temperatures of -13 degrees Fahrenheit up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit, so your belongings will be safe from outdoor elements like snow, rain, and heat.

Populife’s Android or iOS app allows you to grant access to the lockbox remotely, check the access records, and share the PIN code with other people. You can also give time-sensitive access to the box, which is helpful if have visitors or renters at your home who need access to your keys or belongings. The box is accessible offline and you’ll also get an alert when the power is at two percent; you can also power it with a nine-volt battery for emergency access.

The box has two shackle sizes so it can fit most door handles, fences, or other locations, and you have the option to mount it to a wall.

Best Smart Lock Keyboxes

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