May 26, 2024


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the best stationery, gadgets and books to buy

For a functional, versatile and budget-friendly lunchbox, opt for a Sistema tupperware container (£7, Amazon). The bento box style has moveable compartments for the different elements of your child’s lunch and a sealed pot for yoghurt or fruit. It’s also dishwasher safe. 

However, if you fancy something a bit more fun, Cath Kidston similarly offers a charming range of illustrated lunch bags and water bottles (£18 for a lunch bag). Tinc – a brand that specialises in colourful, characterful accessories for children – offers larger-than-life lunch bags that will doubtless cheer up kids reluctant to go back to school (£17.50). 

If your child is prone to losing things, perhaps an expensive water bottle isn’t the way to go, but if they’re a little older then an insulted Chillys bottle is the best of the best (£20, Amazon). 

The best back-to-school stationery

There are few things more satisfying than a brand new pencil and a fresh notebook. One way to chivvy along reluctant learners is the incentive of fun stationery – who hasn’t been cheered up by a novelty pencil case or set of coloured felt tips? 

Of course, other than the basics of black pens, pencils and a case to put them in, perhaps along with a ruler and protractor, most school stationery is inessential. You can buy a handy starter stationery set for older children that includes mathematical instruments, ballpoint and handwriting pens, pencils, a folding ruler and erasers (£12.23, Amazon). But if you are looking for a treat or some trendy extras, read on… 

Pencil case

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