April 15, 2024


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The job everyone has been waiting for to speed up messages

WhatsApp, the function everyone has been waiting for to speed up messages: here are the news of the widely used messaging app.

Another news for the messaging app (Photo: Pixabay).

The WhatsApp It continues to bring news to its users, considering also how it is one of the most used applications in daily life, both on smartphones and in the web version.

Apparently, the first application comes New functionality, ready to dramatically speed up the process by which we send messages; It is what it is, many have been waiting for it for a long time.

WhatsApp, the function everyone has been waiting for to speed up messages: what is it

Over the years, WhatsApp has evolved day by day, Bring more and more news and greatly improve functions In-app suggestions.

This is because, as it is increasingly used, WA has become well-known teacher also for companies and public services; As they became more common, jobs also had to adapt accordingly.

For several years now, Voice messagesWhich brought about a turning point in the way of instant communication; Thanks to the voice, communication has become more and more interactive.

Only for voice messages, a new feature has now appeared: in addition to the ability to overclock (x1.5 or x2) it is now You can also pause recording.

How many times have it happened to you that you recorded a voice message, perhaps a relative interrupted you or an unexpected event? Now it is It is possible to stop the vowel and resume it later With more peace of mind, without losing what was previously recorded.

whatsapp function
Voice messages can be paused (Photo: Pixabay).

To resume recording, simply reopen the chat where the interrupted voice message was, pick it up from the point where it was paused; A welcome feature, for sure, that makes sending voice messages more practical.

Remember it to work properly WhatsApp needs a network connectionas well Enough storage space On the smartphone to avoid consuming a lot of memory, try deleting photos, audio or video that you no longer need.

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