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Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes reportedly sent a text to her ex-boyfriend and former COO referring to herself as ‘best business person of the year’

Elizabeth Holmes, founder and former CEO of Theranos, arrives for motion hearing on Monday, November 4, 2019, at the U.S. District Court House inside Robert F. Peckham Federal Building in San Jose, California. And former Theranos COO Ramesh "Sunny' Balwani leaves the Robert F. Peckham U.S. Federal Court on June 28, 2019 in San Jose, California.

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes and former Theranos COO Ramesh Balwani. Yichuan Cao/NurPhoto via Getty Images (Holmes). Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (Balwani).

  • More texts between Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes and former COO Ramesh Balwani have surfaced.

  • In one, Holmes said, “total confidence in myself best business person of the year,” CNBC reports.

  • In another, Balwani said, “They are not investing in our company they are investing in our destiny.”

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Newly surfaced text messages from Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes give a glimpse into her time at the helm of the now-defunct startup.

The communications are between Holmes and Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani from June 2011 to July 2016, according to CNBC, which obtained almost 600 pages of the texts and Skype messages. Balwani was once Holmes’ boyfriend, as well as COO and president of Theranos.

CNBC reports that in one exchange in late 2014, Holmes texted Balwani, “My new life as of this night and forever more: – total confidence in myself best business person of the year – focus – details excellence – don’t give what anyone thinks – engage employees in meetings by stories and making it about them (ie prepare well).”

After 10 minutes had passed, Holmes asked, “No response?” Balwani answered, “Awesome. U r listening and paying attention.”

The messages also shed light on the lavish spending that was happening inside Theranos even as the company lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

In messages from April 2015, Holmes and Balwani discussed a trip to Las Vegas that had been brought up by Holmes’ brother, Christian, who also worked at Theranos.

“The Vegas trip is such a distraction. Bad timing. But the guys bought everything non refundable. So we will do it. But then I don’t want distractions until we win,” Balwani wrote.

“Then let’s focus on it in our room, do dinner, and go back early,” Holmes responded. “I don’t like distractions ever.”

Holmes and Balwani also discussed Theranos investors in other messages CNBC obtained. They made references to News Corp Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch and Alice Walton, of Walmart’s Walton family fame.

In a text to Holmes in November 2014, Balwani wrote, “They are not investing in our company they are investing in our destiny.”

This isn’t the first time texts between the former Theranos leaders have been revealed. Earlier this month, prosecutors in Holmes’ fraud trial released six pages of messages between Holmes and Balwani. The texts offered insight into their past romantic relationship, as well as their efforts to handle crises threatening the company.

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