June 19, 2024


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This $14 Gadget Makes Hands-Free Video Calls a Reality

Smartphone accessories are just as important as the phone itself these days, and there are so many to choose from. There are decorative phone cases, high-tech headphones, playful charms, and more. But there’s one affordable accessory you may be forgetting, and that’s an adjustable phone stand. It might not sound as exciting as buying, say, a new pair of wireless headphones, but the simple product is a game changer, and you can buy this top-rated one on Amazon for just $14.

At its most basic, the phone stand gives your smart device a designated place to live on your desk or nightstand, making it easier to check the time or turn off your alarm in the morning (not to mention that you’ll always know where you left your phone). It also doubles as a sleek charging station since you can easily thread a charging cord through an opening in the back of the stand. 

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But Amazon shoppers reveal a few more uses for the handy stand, which include hands-free video chatting, streaming, and reading on both smartphones and tablets. More than 6,400 people have left the stand five-star reviews, and many recount the clever ways they’ve incorporated the accessory into their lives.

One reviewer says they always take it with them when they fly so they can watch movies on their iPhone or iPad. Another uses it to read the news on their Galaxy phone while eating breakfast, and someone else uses it to prop up their large tablet on the kitchen counter and pull up recipes. One more follows yoga and Pilates workout videos with their phone secured on the stand.

Many note that it can hold just about any type of smartphone and tablet, as well as gaming devices like the popular Nintendo Switch. Some also point out that it’s compatible with large phone cases, like the OtterBox, and even fits PopSocket-clad phones. The adjustable design lets you find just the right angle for you, and rubber cushions help your gadgets stay in place without scratching. 

Whether you’re constantly video-chatting friends, calling into Zoom meetings for work, streaming content, reading the news, or looking up recipes on your smart devices, this stand can make your life so much easier. Pick one of the four available colors and order the convenient accessory from Amazon today.


Buy It! Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand, $13.99; amazon.com

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