June 13, 2024


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This $15 Gadget Makes Homemade Ice Cream in Just 10 Minutes

Few things hit the spot on a hot summer day like a bowl (or cone!) of ice cream. And while we’re big fans of personal pints from the store, one of most delicious ways to enjoy the treat is making it from scratch. Not only does DIY ice cream mean you can experiment with countless flavors and mix-ins, but you can also enjoy creamy scoops without having to leave the house.

If you think homemade ice cream means bulky, expensive machines, we have some sweet news for you: This little gadget from Zoku makes superb single-serve frozen treats in just 10 minutes—and it’s only $15 at Williams-Sonoma.


To buy: $15 (originally $26); williams-sonoma.com

Like other frozen-bowl ice cream makers, the Zoku is designed with a liquid-filled stainless steel inner container that you freeze solid—about 12 hours in the ice box. It also comes with a colorful BPA- and phthalate-free protective sleeve (to keep your hands from getting cold) as well as sturdy spoon for mixing and eating your creations.

To use, simply add your favorite ice cream base into the pre-chilled canister, then stir the liquid around the bowl. The base freezes as you churn and scrape it against the container’s cold sides, turning to the ice cream we know and love in under 10 minutes. Not feeling ice cream? You can also use the tool to make frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, or sherbet.

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According to Williams-Sonoma shoppers, the maker is a fast and easy way to enjoy homemade ice cream. “The bowl took about 10 minutes of just scraping down the sides—really easy to do,” one reviewer wrote. “It got to soft-serve consistency and was perfect for eating right out of the bowl.”

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Others comment that the gadget is a cool way to keep kids occupied, allowing them to customize their own bowls with all sorts of mix-ins. “I was skeptical about this product, but bought it for our bay house where we have lots of kids staying with us,” a shopper said. “Everyone, adults as well as kids, had fun making ice cream and then eating it. Great product!”

Zoku’s personal-sized ice cream maker usually costs $26, but you can scoop one up right now for an affordable $15. Between soaring summer temps on the horizon and the smart savings, there’s no reason not to add it to your cart lickety-split.

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