April 22, 2024


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Tips To Deliver a Best-In-Class Customer Service As a Hosting Reseller

Ways to Offer Best Customer Support in Reseller Hosting  Business|ResellerClub Blog

Customer service is the backbone of a successful reseller hosting business. As you are essentially reselling someone else’s hosting services, customer support and service can become your unique selling proposition. It is what makes or breaks your business. 

Satisfied customers not only renew hosting contracts but also recommend services to others. On the flip side, poor support leads to loss of business. This article will provide tips to help you deliver a five-star service experience in reseller web hosting in India.

Tips To Deliver Best Reseller Hosting Customer Service

  1. Set Realistic Expectations on Support Availability

Promising 24/7 reseller hosting with end-user support when you cannot realistically provide it leads to overpromising and under-delivering. This results in poor customer experiences and damages your reputation. 

Be upfront about your support hours based on your team’s capacity. Try matching it to your target customers’ time zone as much as possible. Along with human support over the phone/chat during stated hours, utilise automated channels like chatbots and self-help portals to give a perception of round-the-clock assistance.

  1. Offer Support Through Multiple Channels 

Customers have differing preferences when reaching out for assistance. Some like calling support staff, others prefer live chat, and many want to self-serve through online documentation. 

Successful reseller hosting providers offer omnipresent support including phone support, live chat, email ticketing systems, chatbots and wikis/FAQs etc. This provides flexibility to users to optimise for convenience. 

  1. Build Comprehensive Self Help Resources

Online self-help resources in the form of tutorials, how-to guides, wikis and documentation are very popular. Invest time in creating detailed tutorials explaining resolutions to common problems faced by users. If possible, offer these resources in languages spoken by your target customer base to improve engagement.

  1. Use Chatbots to Streamline Support 

Chatbots allow you to offer personalised support 24/7, irrespective of available staff. They can be used to gather preliminary issue details from customers and automatically forward them to the appropriate self-help section. 

This saves time for both customers and your reseller hosting support team. As per reports, over 67% of customers worldwide have used chatbots for customer service. They streamline and automate repetitive tasks, allowing your human agents to focus on complex issues.

  1. Demonstrate You Value the Customer’s Time

Little things like scheduling callbacks instead of long wait times demonstrate that you value customers’ time. Tools like automatic email/chat responses acknowledging receipt of the issues also set the right expectations on response timelines. 

Average customers expect a response within 10 minutes, so optimising processes to meet this benchmark vastly improves satisfaction. 

  1. Continuously Gather Customer Feedback

Interaction opportunities like ratings at the end of service calls give insights into improving support quality. Negative feedback can also present a chance to turn detractors into promoters. 

Almost always, there are nuggets of improvement areas hidden in customer comments that can be implemented. So, a robust feedback-gathering framework is a must.

  1. Adopt Proactive Stance in Service

Analysing feedback will reveal recurring issues and opportunities to better match customer requirements. Building online communities via blogs/social media fosters open dialogue channels with users.

Creating two-way communication channels helps anticipate challenges users might face and build solutions proactively even before issues occur. Things like custom questionnaires help understand pain points early.


Exceptional support requires an investment of time and resources in reseller web hosting. But the loyalty and word-of-mouth it generates makes it worth it. By continually enhancing your customer service strategy using these tips, you shall be able to differentiate your business and retain more happy clients.