April 17, 2024


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Tunic Release Date Reveal Kicks Off The Game Awards

Developer Andrew Shouldice has been hard at work on Tunic for years. And for years, fans have been hoping to get information on its release window. After the long wait, we now know the Zelda-inspired title featuring a heroic fox is coming in just a few months. The surprise news opened The Game Awards pre-show, a stage usually reserved for smaller announcements, but for indie fans, this reveal might be the highlight of the entire night. 

Tunic is set to release on March 16 for Xbox consoles and PC. However, tonight’s trailer had even more secrets to reveal than just the date, including new locales, tools, and enemies. In one previously unseen location, our vulpine sword wielder races across a narrow bridge glowing with pink neon light. Soon after, we see him use a whip-like item that Tunic uses to traverse long distances and bring ranged enemies into striking distance. And it looks like we are going to need all the help we can get because new opponents, like oversized, terrifying spiders, are ready to take the protagonist down.

If you need more Tunic now and can’t wait the few months until the game’s spring release date, you can get your hands on a demo of Tunic today as part of Xbox’s ongoing gaming festival celebrating The Game Awards. Xbox owners can hit the store anytime between today and December 21 to download the game’s short preview for free. 

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