May 27, 2024


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Vagina-based Bluetooth speaker lets you play ANY song to your unborn child

AN INTRAVAGINAL device by Babypod lets women play music for their unborn babies.

Several studies have claimed that playing music for your baby in utero can benefit their development as early as the first stages of pregnancy.

Babypod claims its device can help with prenatal speech development


Babypod claims its device can help with prenatal speech development

Many believe that playing classical music especially can boost your baby’s intelligence levels and help with memory retention – this theory is known as the Mozart Effect.

Capitalizing on these claims is a Spanish company called Babypod, which has developed a tampon-shaped speaker that women can insert into their vaginas while pregnant.

Babypod says that music can be used to stimulate a baby’s speech skills before birth. In an internal study, they found that “87% of babies react to music streamed vaginally with body and head movements.”

“In addition, they open and close their mouths, stick out their tongues and gesticulate. It is a discovery never seen before,” the company writes on their website.

Babypod says that its device can be used from 16 weeks into pregnancy, is FDA approved, and is hypoallergenic.

The device is inserted inside of the vagina with the audio-cord side facing down and coming out of the vagina.

Then the pregnant person attaches the cord to a smartphone device to play the music.

There is also a second audio port for the pregnant person to attach headphones if they want to listen along.

After the music session is done, the pregnant person then gently removes the device from their vagina in a manner similar to removing a tampon.

The company notes on their website that this is not a medical device, therefore, a person can insert it themselves without the help of a doctor.

Some gynecologists have expressed concern for such devices in the past and emphasized that women should not insert anything into their vagina while pregnant without first consulting a doctor.

“We don’t know if there is a sound or decibel level too high for a fetus. Maybe there’s a reason our bodies don’t come equipped with vaginal speakers,” Dr. Donnica Moore, a gynecologist, told Insider. 

However, the company stated in an email to Insider that “the intensity of the sound that Babypod emits is similar to a conversation in a low tone and has a control system so that it does not exceed this level, which can not damage the fetal ear.”

As it stands, there is a discrepancy in the science community on whether music affects prenatal development.

Babypod can be inserted and removed like a tampon


Babypod can be inserted and removed like a tampon

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