April 13, 2024


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What your iPhone colour says about YOU as gold ‘linked to self-obsessed people’

THE IPHONE 13 series has a choice of nine colours across the range but before you pick your favourite you might want to consider this new study.

Smartphone retailer Fonehouse has spoken to colour specialist Matthew Reacher about what your iPhone colour choice says about you.

A colour specialist has revealed what your iPhone colour choice could say about you


A colour specialist has revealed what your iPhone colour choice could say about youCredit: Rex
People who choose the new pink phone could be "compassionate, affectionate, and nurturing", according to the colour expert


People who choose the new pink phone could be “compassionate, affectionate, and nurturing”, according to the colour expertCredit: Rex

Apple released its first baby pink iPhone in the iPhone 13 series.

It’s proved popular already and Reacher thinks the people buying it are “very in-tune with their femininity”.

He also said: “The choice is likely an expression of their compassionate, affectionate, and nurturing personality.

“They’re also more likely to be extroverted, very social, with a strong interest in people and relationships.”

The colour expert was less complimentary about those who choose a gold iPhone.

He said: “Gold is the colour of wealth, success and high status, suggesting that the person choosing this colour may wish to be seen in that way.

“They probably have a more outward extroverted focus, and they care a great deal about how others see them.

“They’re likely strongly motivated by the opinions of others. They’re also likely competitive with a desire to move up the status ladder.”

Lots of people have black smartphones and according to Reacher, this can mean several things.

He explained: “Introverts likely see it as a nonattention seeking choice, while extroverts may choose it due to the associations of status, power and perhaps professionalism.

“Black also looks good, so it could be an aesthetic choice, and this is likely an indicator of someone who appreciates art and creativity.”

He was less complimentary about red iPhones and said someone who chooses that colour is likely a “socially confident extrovert that often craves to be the centre of attention.”

Blue is another popular colour choice and you can get the iPhone 13 in a warm Blue or the 13 Pro in Sierra Blue.

What your iPhone colour says about you

Here’s what colour expert Matthew Reacher says…

Gold = Extroverted, social climber, money focussed

Pink = Feminine, compassionate, affectionate, nurturing and sociable

Black = Appreciates art and creativity, professional, powerful

Red = Bold, attention seeking

Blue = Creative, introverted, individual

Silver / Graphite = Stylish, inner-directed

White = Extroverted, clean

Reacher said: “For those who choose a blue iPhone, it’s likely to be their favourite colour, probably due to its relaxing influences.

“They crave the tranquillity of the ocean or that which a clear blue sky can bring. It may also suggest a desire for individuality, self-expression, and perhaps creative desire. Generally, their motivations are more likely to be introverted and inner-directed.”

The expert said those who choose silver or graphite phones are similar in the sense that they might have “a strong interest in their aesthetic and style and are likely to be inner-directed.”

That just leaves the white iPhone or ‘Starlight’ colour from the iPhone 13 series.

Reacher also associated this with people who like attention.

He said: “The choice of a white iPhone is more likely to be that of an extrovert, as it will get noticed, which gives a clue to their natural desires. It may also indicate a desire for simplicity, which is a common association of white.

“They may have a strong need for cleanliness, which in psychology is strongly linked to wanting order and needing things to be in their proper place or for symmetry.” 

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