July 24, 2024


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When, how to transfer your character

Amazon’s New World has exploded onto the scene, surpassing 700,000 concurrent players in just one day. While this is great news for the developer, it has led to long queue times for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) as servers reach capacity. Certain servers are more popular than others, and as you’d expect, the busier ones have longer wait times. Thankfully, Amazon will allow players to transfer to different servers for free within the following two weeks after launch. Here’s what we know about New World server transfers.

How to perform New World server transfer

New World is an MMO from Amazon Games. Amazon Games

As announced on Twitter, Amazon will allow players to transfer servers for free within the first two weeks of New World’s launch. However, this feature isn’t available quite yet.

“We understand that some players are experiencing lengthy queue times and we are working hard on a few things to help address these issues,” Amazon Games said in a blogpost. “We are continuing to stand up additional servers and will expand the capacity of our existing servers once we have properly tested these changes.”

Some servers have thousands of players in them. For instance, the El Dorado server had over 20,000 players at one point due to it being home to popular streamers. Though, with so many players waiting to get in, the wait times were exorbitant. Some players have reported waiting upwards of four hours before being able to join a server.

Currently, the only way to move to a new server is by creating a brand new character. So, if you want to continue using the character you have now, you’ll need to wait for the server update to go live. It’s unclear when this update will go live or how it will work, exactly.

Amazon later clarified that it would provide more details on character transfers soon, but for now, the team’s focus is on improving wait times. We’ve seen issues like these in the past, most notably with Splitgate in August 2021.

It’s also unknown if transfers will work for any servers, or only the new ones added after launch, so we’ll have to wait and see what Amazon has in store for New World players. The developer has yet to reveal how much it will cost for server transfers after the two-week grace period is up, but we imagine it will be around $15 to $25.

Thankfully, New World does not feature a monthly subscription like World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV. Once you buy it, you can play as long as you’d like. Though, it does have optional microtransactions.

New World is currently available on PC via Steam and costs $39.99.

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