September 30, 2023


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Will Fall River’s drawbridge finally come down?

Good morning, everyone! Today is the Ides of March – and less well-known, Everything You Think is Wrong Day. We’ve got a special piece online now busting a few famous Fall River myths, just in time for this holiday. Check it out!

Brightman street bridge

Brightman street bridge

Anyone who’s driven past the Taunton River in recent years might have wondered what’s going on with the remains of the Brightman Street Bridge – specifically, why is it still there? Mayor Paul Coogan says it’s time for the defunct Brightman Street Bridge to go away. The mayor said he’s waiting for a response from the office of Gov. Charlie Baker to a letter he sent last December, requesting that the commonwealth demolish and remove the 110-plus-year-old drawbridge. But what can be done about it? Read more here.

Growing up in Boston, Shakira Cadet needed an escape from everyday life in the projects. Like most children and families who are less fortunate, she made adjustments. This was where Cadet’s rise to prominence started taking shape. She found herself and her passion on the track. Cadet had a breakout season this winter competing for Durfee’s indoor track and field team. Meet this amazing young woman here.

It’s standard practice for EMT personnel and paramedics to practice on plastic mannequins to hone their lifesaving skills, but a group of first responders were given a hands-on opportunity to train on real human tissue at a state-of-the-art cadaver lab located in the city. It’s the first time the PC Institute for Medical Education has offered such training for EMTs that is normally offered to medical professionals and medical device companies. Get a peek behind this unique opportunity here (and we promise, there are no icky photos).


Your three-day forecast.

Your three-day forecast.

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This article originally appeared on The Herald News: Will Fall River’s drawbridge finally come down?

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