September 26, 2023


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Wipro and VMware: Modernizing Your IT Infrastructure and Lowering TCO

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According to Gartner, nearly 60% of IT costs for enterprises are related to the acquisition and maintenance costs of the IT infrastructure. Hence, companies are looking for new ways to modernize their IT systems and reduce their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is where the role of Wipro and VMware’s cloud migration services comes into the picture to ensure seamless migration to the cloud while maintaining operational efficiency, and in turn, significantly improving the company’s bottom line. 

In this article, we will focus on the many benefits of choosing cloud migration for enterprise IT modernization and how Wipro and VMware cloud migration can accelerate this shift. But before that, let’s understand what TCO is and why it is essential to reduce it.  

What is TCO and Why is it Important to Reduce It?   

By definition, Total cost of Ownership (TCO) is the benchmark to measure and compare the cost of owning an enterprise IT infrastructure platform, which includes the platform’s purchase, support, operational, and management expenditures. In other words, TCO comprises the complete cost of owning an IT solution and is usually evaluated in a 3-year or 5-year time interval. Usually, while deciding whether to build or purchase an IT solution, or whether to host an application on-premises or in the cloud, the management takes TCO into consideration. 

Additionally, it is important to reduce TCO as it increases an enterprise’s bottom line considerably. For instance, a 5% TCO reduction on a $10 million IT budget results in a direct financial benefit to the company of $500,000.

Top 8 Undeniable Benefits of Choosing Cloud Migration Services

Enterprises choose cloud migration for various reasons such as building a profitable future or remaining competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. No matter what your unique reason is, here are some of the top benefits of adopting cloud migration services for IT infrastructure modernization: 

  1. Total Cost Savings and Efficiency

A fixed monthly cost is one of the prime features of cloud hosting. Additionally, depending on which cloud features add value for your company, you can adjust your spending on the various cloud components.

  1. Shift from (Capital Expenditure) CapEx to (Operational Expenditure) OpEx

By using managed, Operational Expenditure, or OpEx subscription-based models, such as VMware and Google cloud migration businesses can eliminate the hefty hardware investment costs. This provides them the option to test out new cloud features such as containers or apps with AI enhancements without having to pay for them upfront.

  1. On-Demand Scalability 

Prior to the widespread adoption of cloud migration and cloud hosting, IT professionals had to perform exceedingly challenging calculations to determine the hardware and software requirements of their company in the future. With Wipro and VMware’s “pay for what you use” business model, cloud investments can be scaled up or down depending on business needs. 

  1. Accelerated Delivery Time 

Businesses can create new applications and apps at noticeably faster rates by shifting to the cloud. Platforms like VMware and Google cloud come with different development environments and templates to accelerate application development. By leveraging the infinite capabilities of these prominent cloud service providers, even small businesses can compete with large enterprises and bring their ideas to market. 

  1. Increased User Control 

With remote working still prevalent even after the pandemic, cloud-based workflows and file-sharing assist team members to produce high-quality work. Additionally, desktop virtualization through cloud technology allows administrators to customize what users see while accessing the organization’s network, enhancing user experience and making daily tasks much simpler.

  1. Enhanced IT Security 

With global cybercrime costs predicted to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025, cloud migration is an effective way for businesses to achieve exceptional levels of cybersecurity. By storing and mirroring data to secondary locations, cloud computing provides much more IT security compared to traditional outdated hardware systems. 

  1. 100% Uptime and Availability 

Hosted on a highly reliable and state-of-the-art data center, VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) platform, Wipro and VMware joint cloud migration services provide guaranteed uptime and availability. Now businesses can rest easy knowing that their websites, applications, and systems will always be available as single points of failure in your network are eliminated.

  1. Integrate Networks and Systems

Cloud computing improves the overall cohesion of a company’s IT infrastructure. You can gain better control over where your crucial data is stored as well as monitor regular traffic and activity on your IT network and systems with just a few clicks. Additionally, by choosing cloud migration services you can gain help from third-party cloud experts, who can help you decide how to apply the latest cloud technologies to achieve business goals. 

Modernize Enterprise IT Infrastructure with Wipro and VMware Cloud Migration

Thus, by accelerating the shift to cloud adoption enterprises can modernize IT infrastructure to reduce security risks and TCO. To help modern enterprises achieve measurable results and stay ahead of the competition, Wipro partners with VMware to build a robust cloud migration infrastructure. Download the brochure in the link now to know more about our capabilities.