June 13, 2024


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‘Witcher 3’ Mod Lets Gamers Dress Geralt, Ciri, Yen as Their Netflix ‘The Witcher’ Series Counterparts

Good news for “Witcher” fans! A new mod allows gamers to dress the game characters as their Netflix counterparts. One of the said “Witcher” 3 mods includes clothing the character in the same armor as the actor.

New ‘Witcher 3’ Mod Lets Gamers Dress Characters as Their Netflix Counterparts

As the second season of the Netflix series “The Witcher” revealed last month, a PC modder has released a mod that allows players of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” to use Henry Cavill’s armor, per Screen Rant.

The modding community has gifted PC fans a plethora of remarkable improvements since the TV show’s original launch in December 2019.

To further emphasize, NME gaming explained that Geralt of Rivia gets a makeover in a new mod that makes it possible for the monster hunter to be dressed in Henry Cavill’s outfit from the Netflix series “The Witcher.”

The mod, produced by WitcherSeb, enables the players to clothe the protagonist in the same armor as the actor.

Not only has the modder developed a file that allows players to see Cavill’s Witcher black armor, medallion, and attire from season one’s first episode, but another mod also changes Geralt’s in-game model to appear like the actor.

This “Witcher” 3 mod is WitcherSeb’s most popular creation on NexusMods, and it accurately portrays Cavill’s appearance, including the identical half-up, half-down hairdo. Moreover, Geralt’s body is likewise retextured, giving him a more realistic appearance.

WitcherSeb has also been working on a series of other “Witcher” modifications. One of these mods aims to turn Yennefer of Vengerberg into Anya Chalotra, the actress who played the sorceress in the Netflix series.

Apart from this, the pc modder is also planning to turn Geralt’s adopted daughter Freya Allan’s appearance to Ciri.

Eurogamer also added that although Geralt wears more traditional armor in the game, he dresses all-black in the Netflix program.

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‘Witcher’ 3 Mod Release Date

Previously, CD Projekt confirmed the DLC based on the Netflix program, with will have new cover art for the complete edition indicating that it features “additional goods inspired by the Netflix series,” according to Euro Gamer.

It is unclear what those things will be, and no release date has been set yet. However, some fans believe that these will be included in the next remasters, which are expected to be released later this year.

For some context, Screen Rant added that in May 2015, CD Projekt Red launched its third mainline “Witcher” title for PC and last-gen consoles. The popular role-playing game has since made its way to the Nintendo Switch. The success of “Witcher” 3 is reflected in its amazing sales figures.

As of press time, the game had sold a whopping 30 million copies globally. The video game franchise as a whole has sold more than 50 million units.

Since Netflix released the second season of its live-action series, which is based on the Andrzej Sapkowski novel series, these figures are likely to have increased significantly.

On the other hand, the free DLC will be available on all platforms, including the PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This only means that it will not be limited to the new-gen versions.

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