February 29, 2024


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Woman tries to enter China with over 200 Intel CPUs hidden inside fake pregnant belly

Woman tries to enter China with over 200 Intel CPUs hidden inside fake pregnant belly

WTF?! Chinese customs have arrested a woman returning to the region with 202 Intel CPUs and nine iPhones wrapped around her torso and hid beneath a prosthetic expecting belly.

The would-be smuggler was a youthful woman crossing the border between Macau, an unbiased territory, and Zhuhai, a metropolis in the Guangdong Province in the vicinity of Hong Kong (by using mydrivers). She was passing by customs at the Gongbei Port when an official noticed her performing surprisingly.

The girl was going for walks by customs wearing a basic brown maternity gown when an formal recognized that her posture was uncommon for a expecting woman (seemingly) in her 3rd trimester. She was separated from the group and questioned about her being pregnant, and she stated she was 5-6 months pregnant irrespective of looking like she was pretty much at her because of day. They patted her down and identified the prosthetic belly and the stash of hardware beneath it.

She had wrapped 202 CPUs and 9 iPhones into bricks with cling movie and certain them to herself higher than her abdomen making use of tape. In a image of the goods shared on social media, the CPUs are identifiable as Intel versions based on the LGA 1700 offer, so possibly Alder Lake or Rocket Lake. The iPhones glimpse like black versions of the Iphone X or XS. If all of the CPUs are large-end, the complete price could technique $100,000.

Smuggling is a frequent event on the Chinese border many thanks to their higher import taxes. Numerous would-be smugglers have tried to cross the border with CPUs and telephones strapped to their bodies ahead of.

In March, a guy with 160 CPUs and 16 folding phones was arrested at the Gongpei Port. The record for the most almost-smuggled CPUs is at present held by a pair of truck motorists returning from Hong Kong that experienced 256 processors strapped to their limbs among them, and the record for phones is 146 iPhones, also by a man coming from Hong Kong.

It seems like the Gongpei Port could use some metal detectors to prevent wannabe smugglers. But as it stands, the only smugglers that have been caught have experienced either Intel CPUs or phones. If you might be hunting to get a slice of the pie, take into account taping some AMD Ryzen CPUs or some sticks of DDR5 to your tummy and attempting your luck.

Impression credit: HKEPC