June 13, 2024


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Xiaomi Mi 11T, Mi 11T Pro to get three Android updates and four years of security updates

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Xiaomi is set to unveil its first affordable flagship devices – the Mi 11T and the Mi 11T Pro. We know much about the hardware specifications of the smartphones already. Though Xiaomi has now hinted at the software support that its new devices will receive, and it seems like the company is offering a real deal to the potential buyers here.

Xiaomi has confirmed that the Mi 11T and the Mi 11T Pro will receive “three generations” of Android OS updates. This means three versions of Android will make their way to the two Xiaomi smartphones. In addition, the company has promised four years of security updates on the devices too.

Other than the Mi 11T and Mi 11T Pro, which are due to mark their debut on September 15, the company is also evaluating the possibility of providing similar software support to its existing devices. If it decides to bring a similar three-generation Android upgrade and security updates rule to its portfolio, its premium phones like Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra are likely to be the first ones to benefit.

The move might not be as easy for its budget offerings though. As reported by Android Central, Albert Shan, Xiaomi’s product & technology head states that bringing such an extended software support for all of its previous smartphone models “is not a simple task for Xiaomi and its team.” It is thus likely to choose as to which devices will receive such a support and which won’t. “However, the prospect of this challenge and meeting the desires of our customers is exciting,” he adds.

As of now, very few OEMs provide this kind of support for their smartphones. Samsung does so for many of its devices, while others like OnePlus keep the benefit limited to their flagship models.

Extended software support can help users keep their smartphones relevant for longer. Though this might hamper the existing business models of OEMs that regularly come out with new iterations of their smartphones, the move will help lessen the use of resources for phone production and hence help the environment.

Citing this reason, Germany recently pushed for a mandate that will require smartphone makers to provide at least 7 years of software updates to their devices. The appeal is to extend the already decided tenure of 5 years of support by the European Union.

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