January 27, 2022

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Your Windows PC Might Finally Get iMessage Thanks To Intel

Intel is planning on bridging the big gap that exists between the iPhone and Windows PCs, making it easy to get messages, transfer files, and more.

Intel is planning to bring iMessage chats to Windows as well as other features that make it easier to use Apple and Google devices with a PC. It sounds just as magical as Apple’s own Continuity features that set its ecosystem apart from the rest. Needless to say, it would be a good day for iPhone users when they can finally enjoy some of those same seamless interactions when switching from the iPhone to their Windows laptop or desktop computer.

Some Apple features do carry over to Windows users but the support is quite limited when compared to the ease of using a Mac computer. By installing iTunes on a Windows PC, Apple Music and other purchased media become available on that computer. iCloud for Windows went a step further, bringing access to files, photos, and videos that are stored in iCloud from an iPhone or iPad, bridging the gap somewhat.


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Apple’s Windows connectivity is quite limited in terms of direct access to an iPhone. It’s easy to check and reply to iMessages with a Mac, AirDrop a file directly to a Mac without uploading, and use an Apple Watch to unlock a Mac eliminating the need to type a password. These features are part of a bundle of services that Apple calls Continuity and they are really invaluable. In what might be a game-changing moment, Intel recently announced that some of these convenience features might be possible for Windows users by the end of the year when using a PC with Intel’s Evo branding. In a YouTube video, Intel demonstrated accessing iPhone messages on a Windows PC, noting that both texts and iMessages could be viewed and responded to, and that’s just the beginning of this awesome new technology.

Intel Integration With Apple?

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Given the long-standing rivalry between Apple and Microsoft and the new challenge to Intel’s chip dominance from Apple Silicon, it seems a bit unusual to see this type of integration. To be clear, there was no mention of Apple being involved in the development of what Intel is calling the ‘Multidevice Experience.’ Instead, Intel is expanding the capabilities of apps developed by a recent acquisition of Screenovate. Working with Dell, Alienware, and LG, Screenovate developed apps that can be found in the iPhone App Store and ease communication between Apple’s iPhone and the computers made by those companies. Screenovate’s early solutions mention accessing text messages but not iMessages, so this means Intel wants to take the integration to the next level.

Intel didn’t hesitate when mentioning that this technology would be available by year’s end, but there is a chance that Apple will resist since it takes away some of the incentive to stay with a Mac. On the other hand, Apple has been hitting home runs with the Mac computers introduced recently, so it might not perceive Intel’s software bundle as a threat. It would be wonderful if the biggest tech companies could all work together to make life easier for users, but money is a driving force and barriers assist with brand loyalty. Even if there is a struggle against Intel’s plans, simply seeing what is possible could inspire customers or government regulators to pressure Apple into providing better compatibility with Windows.

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Source: Intel/YouTube

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