October 2, 2023


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2022 iPhone SE Matches the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini in RAM Count

Apart from the chipset information, Apple does not reveal the RAM count details of its iPhones during its presentations, and that includes the 2022 iPhone SE. In addition to featuring an A15 Bionic and a 5G modem, the company’s latest low-cost offering also comes with more RAM than the previous 2020 model, matching the same value as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

2022 iPhone SE Also Features the Same Amount of RAM as the iPhone 11

Despite using the same 4.7-inch IPS LCD screen as the 2020 version, the 2022 iPhone SE gets a decent specifications bump in the RAM department, bringing it up to 4GB, compared to 3GB RAM present on its predecessor. This could explain why Apple decided to increase the base price of the iPhone SE to $429 from $399, though it is obvious there are more reasons why the company would pass the cost onto customers.

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With 4GB RAM, the 2022 iPhone matches the same amount of memory as the significantly more expensive iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13, which start from $699. Additionally, the iPhone 11 sports the same amount of memory but is $70 more expensive and has an inferior chipset, the A13 Bionic, whereas the low-cost model is treated to the powerful A15 Bionic.

An outdated design may not discourage customers from purchasing the 2022 iPhone SE, as eventually, a boatload of them will find out that it costs less than other iPhones from Apple’s lineup but flaunts more or less the exact specifications. Unfortunately, the same outdated design will mean you lose out on features like Face ID, get a smaller battery as a result of the smaller footprint, and there is still a single rear camera, meaning less versatility when capturing images and videos.

Then again, there are few devices that can compete with the 2022 iPhone SE at this price point, so increasing the RAM just made the entire package much more attractive.

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News Source: MacRumors

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