September 26, 2023


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Bandai Namco Announces Release of ‘Gundam Evolution’

Bandai Namco recently announced the upcoming release of Gundam Evolution. A free-to-play shooter, the game will be available for the Sony PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC in North America, Europe, Japan and other parts of Asia later this year. The PC version of the game will be hosted via Steam.

In an announcement trailer for Gundam Evolution, Bandai Namco shared a Steve Aoki remix of the game’s main theme. While an additional Network test trailer previewed the abilities of various Gundam units.

Gundam Evolution will be a free-to-play team-based first-person shooter with 6v6 PvP combat. Players can choose from 12 playable units, including the RX-78-2 Gundam and ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos, in three game modes: “Point Capture,” “Domination,” and “Destruction.” The game will also feature “EVO Coin” currency available for “real-world purchase,” along with “Capital Points” that can be used to unlock mobile suits and cosmetic items.

Catch the trailers above and below for Gundam Evolution which is set to launch a closed network PC beta test April 7-12. Players can register for the beta March 9-28, with additional beta tests for other platforms set to come later.

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