July 19, 2024


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Apple Supplier Foxconn Is Now Building Its Own Electric Cars

Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn showcases several concept vehicles, indicating it’s serious about EVs. Could it one day make the Apple car?

Foxconn, one of Apple’s major supply partners, has unveiled plans to produce its own electric cars under its “Foxtron” brand name. The company has a long history of manufacturing smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and more for many firms, including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Traditionally, Foxconn (aka Hon Hai Precision Industry) has not entered the automobile space, but all that is starting to change.

The company has talked for some time about applying its expertise to develop electric vehicles (EV), noting many cars currently on the road already feature an array of chips and smart features. Foxconn has signed partnerships with several carmakers over the last year, including an arrangement with US EV company Fisker to co-develop and manufacture an all-electric vehicle. Separately, Foxconn has also created a proprietary chassis and software platform for its own EVs.

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Foxconn has now showcased the first EV concepts built using its platform, an SUV dubbed Model C, the Model E sedan, and a bus called Model T. The vehicles were produced in conjunction with fellow Taiwanese firm Yulon Motor, though they carry a new brand, Foxtron. It’s unclear whether the supply chain giant plans to bring the EVs to market, though Yulon has confirmed it will be the first customer for Foxconn’s vehicle technology.

Will Foxconn Produce Apple’s Car?

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Ever since Foxconn announced its plans to enter the EV space, there has been speculation it could work with Apple to build its long-rumored car. The companies have a long history, with Foxconn producing Apple devices for decades. However, Apple has reportedly courted other, more experienced companies to work on its vehicle, most notable of which are Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia. Still, with reports indicating those talks have come to an end, Foxconn may now be in a good position to help Apple achieve its ambitions.

Apple is notoriously particular about the design and operation of its products, something that Foxconn will certainly know well. Additionally, with Foxconn being so new to the EV space, it’s likely their malleability could be a help rather than a hindrance for Apple. At the showcase of the Foxtron EVs, Foxconn chairman Young Liu admitted the company and its engineers “don’t know how to make cars.” However, Young noted that automakers are not experts in software or silicon, which is something that Foxconn most definitely is. It’s feasible then that, even if Apple were not looking at Foxconn to help build its vehicle before, seeing what they’ve achieved with Yulon, they might well be now.

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Source: The New York Times

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