February 25, 2024


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Sindh to waive off registration fee for electric vehicles

The Sindh government has decided to waive off the registration fees for electric vehicles, to encourage citizens to buy more electric vehicles instead of fuel-powered cars, ARY News reported.

As per reports, the decision to remove the fees was taken in a subcommittee meeting of the Sindh cabinet. The meeting was chaired by the provincial minister for Mines and Mineral Development Mir Shabbir Bajrani.

The department has reportedly decided to follow the footsteps of Islamabad where the registration charges against electric vehicles are zero. The proposal will be presented before the next cabinet meeting for approval.

The members of the meeting were also told that Sindh only registered four vehicles in the past two months, whereas the Punjab province registered around 400 Electric Vehicles during the past year.


Presently, Sindh is charging a total of PKR800,000 registration fee against electric vehicles. The subcommittee also proposed reducing the registration fees from 800,000 to 100,000. The final decision in this regard will be taken in the upcoming Sindh cabinet meeting.

The provincial government, had in September this year, launched the registration process of EVs and motorcycles across the Sindh.

Sindh Excise Minister Mukesh Kumar in a statement said that the decision was taken keeping in view the increasing demand of people buying EVs while customers have been facing difficulties due to the delay in the registration process.

The federal cabinet had on December 22 approved Pakistan’s first Electric Vehicle Policy.

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