April 12, 2024


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Arizona-made Lucid electric car set to hit the roads in the coming weeks

An Arizona-made, all-electric vehicle is just weeks away from hitting the roads, and on Sept. 28, we were allowed into Lucid’s factory in Casa Grande to test drive their brand-new Lucid Air car.

The car being test-driven is the Lucid Air Dream Edition. The vehicle has been years in the making, but the wait is now over. A crew of 1,100 workers pump out nearly a hundred Lucid Airs a day to meet a reservation list totaling 13,000.

The person who designed the car, Lucid Senior Vice President of Design and Branding Derek Jenkins, came along for the ride.

“When was the first time you drove one of these?” Jenkins was asked.

“Oh gosh. That goes back to 2016, when we build your first demonstration prototype, our alpha prototype. That was kind of the proof of concept, but I can tell you, this drives exponentially better and more refined. You know, it’s been through so many iterations to get to this stage, you know. Now it’s just so awesome,” Jenkins replied.

This could be a catalyst moment for an electric vehicle industry that is begging to jump start in Arizona. The Lucid Air Dream Edition can go for $169,000, and it hits the road in late October. The car features a windshield that curves into the roof. There’s also a whole new experience inside a sedan, with several performance modes, with the full sprint mode offering 1,111 horsepower. The car’s performance model offers over 470 miles in range.

As for Lucid, their Arizona factory is just the start, as they have already broken ground to make more cars a day by expanding their footprint. That expansion will be finished in 2023, with more phases to come.

Online: https://www.lucidmotors.com

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