September 25, 2023


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As RTX 4080 Scalpers Struggle To Sell Their Cards, Newegg Halts Refunds

As RTX 4080 Scalpers Struggle To Sell Their Cards, Newegg Halts Refunds

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It’s time to bust out that little violin you have been conserving for exclusive situations. It turns out the very poor reception of the $1,200 RTX 4080 has resulted in some collateral injury: Scalpers are now caught with masses of GPUs. It is evidently so negative that Newegg has stopped providing refunds for the playing cards, producing some scalpers to graciously supply the playing cards for MSRP, in accordance to Moore’s Legislation is Dead (via Videocardz). It appears to be the holiday break spirit is however alive and perfectly right after all.

This is an unparalleled condition, as beforehand higher-conclusion GPUs had been usually extremely hard to obtain. That is continue to the situation for the RTX 4090, which involves a stock checker and some luck to buy. Need for that GPU seemingly certain Nvidia it could price tag the RTX 4080 in the stratosphere, and men and women would nonetheless get it. That has not appear to go, producing it the initially superior-conclusion GPU in a long time to be turned down by gamers. A single of the biggest hurdles people today are dealing with is the RTX 4080’s pricing for lover cards, which at all-around $1,400 puts it within just spitting distance of the $1,599 RTX 4090. However the 4080 is indeed a strong GPU, the 4090 is substantially extra powerful. So it can make no sense at any value outside of its $1,199 MSRP, which actually only applies to the Founders Edition.

This lousy scalper is trapped with these GPUs. (Impression: Videocardz)

Even now, nobody knew whether or not there would be higher demand when the RTX 4080 introduced. As is custom, scalpers purchased them in droves hoping to flip them on eBay for a brief revenue. On the other hand, it seems no one wishes to shell out scalper rates, and now they are stuck with the cards. It is reportedly triggered a lot of scalpers to consider to return the playing cards to e-tailers like Newegg, but Newegg has now halted refunds on this design of GPU. It will allow for replacements, but no one can get a refund. Certainly, it is a little bit of pleasant schadenfreude for the gaming group as a whole.

Scalpers on Facebook Marketplace have begun reducing their rates from “insane” to “still dumb.” (Graphic: Fb)

In addition to scalpers not remaining ready to return their cards, there are even now plenty of them offered on the internet. This begs the question: why would everyone pay back a scalper rate when they can fork out the very same price, or lower, at Amazon or Newegg for a new GPU? The problem is possible also impacted by Nvidia’s decision to not release the more inexpensive $899 RTX 4080 12GB. That GPU will be relaunched as the RTX 4070 Ti, but not until eventually January. That suggests the RTX 4080 will possible languish on keep shelves till Nvidia lowers the rate.

What is awesome about this condition is that it’s even going on in the to start with spot. It was predicted that RTX 4080 cards would be extremely hard to locate as launch inventory was reportedly extremely small. Nvidia required there to be a handful of GPUs out there for these who desired them, but it also required the large rates to influence men and women to buy an Ampere GPU.

For now all that’s still left to do is sit back again, and have a hearty laugh at their misfortune. We can also hope this sends a strong message to Nvidia. People don’t seem to be to intellect paying out the nose for a flagship GPU that provides extraordinary functionality. But the RTX 4080 was $500 more than the RTX 3080 it is changing, and individuals feel which is unacceptable. Now we will hold out to see how Nvidia selling prices its up coming GPU, the RTX 4070 Ti. If it learns from this debacle, it’ll hopefully selling price it near to the $599 start selling price of the RTX 3070 Ti. The launch of AMD’s RDNA3 cards on December 13th at $999 and $899 will factor into Nvidia’s choice as well.

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