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Car Batteries: All You Need To Know: The CarWale Podcast

logo: Car Batteries: All You Need To Know: The CarWale Podcast

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Car Batteries: All You Need To Know: The CarWale Podcast

In this episode of The CarWale Podcast, we are talking about car batteries. No, not the cliché electric vehicle batteries that have been the talk of the town lately. We are talking about the good old batteries which are an essential part of each vehicle that takes the road. 

All about Car Batteries: Episode 17: The CarWale Podcast

What are car batteries? 

The car battery is at the core of all the electricals of a car. It helps in cranking the engine by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. The purpose of the battery is not only to start the engine but also to provide power to all the in-car electricals and accessories. 

Now that we know what and how the car battery works, the next thing that comes to our mind are the types of car batteries. Broadly categorised, there are wet charged and dry charged batteries. It is also to be noted that these batteries are entirely different from the ones that are offered on EVs. The batteries on the ICE cars are charged by an alternator whereas the ones on the EVs require an external charging point to juice up the battery. 

Maintenance of Car Battery

One should always lookout for the signs of a weak battery. These include dimming of lights and fluctuation in the working of the electricals of the car. Concurrently, the battery should be checked periodically for charge and distilled water levels. This can be done by the vehicle owners along with their regular service to ensure good and long battery life. 

Coming to the warranty bit, most of the battery manufacturers offer free replacement and pro-rata types of warranty. In the initial specified months of warranty, the battery is replaced free of cost in case of any defects. During the pro-rata period too, the battery is replaced. However, the vehicle owners receive a rebate on the new battery as against the exchange of the defective unit. 

Well, that’s not all, we discuss more about car batteries in the new CarWale episode and you can listen to it here.

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