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Christine Quinn Explores Troubled Past In Upcoming Book

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset spoke about the upcoming release of her book, as well as her painful childhood memories from jail.

Christine Quinn from Selling Sunset recently opened up about not only her upcoming book, How To Be A Boss B*tch, but also about her troubled past. As one of the most controversial, yet memorable characters featured on the reality series, Christine continues to shock and entertain in almost everything she says and does, whether it be on-screen or online. Known for her trademark attitude and unflinching approach to handling office drama, Christine manages to fuel arguments and simultaneously succeed at selling real estate.

While Christine is often villanized throughout Selling Sunset, she seems to be bettering herself as the series progresses. From a quick glance at Christine’s social media, her typical style and sass are still as evident as ever but seem toned down from what viewers experienced in season 1. Even if Christine is clearly channeling her manipulative, dramatic ways from before, she appears to be practicing authenticity and humility as she moves forward, both in her personal life and with her co-workers at The Oppenheim Group.

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Shared by People, Christine recently gave a glimpse into her childhood trauma involving drugs, as well as what fans can expect from her first book, How To Be A Boss B*tch. While Christine has often lacked a vulnerable quality that many of the other agents at The Oppenheim Group have shared on-screen, Christine was open and honest with the outlet, explaining the pain from her past. Once superficial, Christine transitioned into motherhood and authenticity as she delved into her childhood experiences.

In the interview, Christine explained how “a little birthday marijuana” led her to “jail on [her 17th] birthday.” Christine emphasized how drastic this moment was for her, changing the course of her life. “I realized if I didn’t change something, I was going down a hole…It certainly put me in check at a very young age.” Now a success, Christine attributed her accomplishments to this crucial moment in her personal coming-of-age story. She also spoke about her change in character, using these painful memories to not only “heal” herself but also to “help other people along the way.”

Christine has often alienated herself from audiences. Her cruelty is sometimes entertaining but is other times painful to watch on the small screen. Going as far as causing Mary Fitzgerald to have a panic attack, Christine has come a long way in her personal journey as she prepares for the release of her new book. Due to the barrage of mean-spirited critiques Christine received from audiences, she has used her writing to explore what overcoming adversity looks like while aiding readers in discovering “what kind of boss b*tch they are.” Christine uses her haters to progress even further and to help her readers overcome obstacles and bullies in their own lives.

Coming May 5, 2022, fans have plenty of time to anticipate this brutally honest, intriguing examination of Christine’s childhood, time in jail, and present-day success. As the series progresses, Christine is comfortable sharing her childhood trauma, continually humanizing herself with critical audiences. With the release less than a year away, Christine shared how the goal of her book, is to “manifest really great things.” The Selling Sunset co-star hopes that readers can do the same in their own journeys.

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Source: People, Christine Quinn/Instagram

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