January 23, 2022

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Comedian and CPS mom Lisa Beasley spoofs Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s policies and suits

Chicago comedian Lisa Beasley nearly broke the internet in 2020 with her Margaret Thatcher parody.

  • But in recent months she’s turned her focus to a mayoral character with a scratchy voice, big suits and lots of laptops she calls “Lory Litefoot.”

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Driving the news: Beasley performed the “Litefoot” character at a sold out Laugh Factory show this week. We caught up with the CPS mom to learn more.

Q. How did you decide to create this Mayor-like character?

A. When I heard about how she reacted to Anjanette Young, I was stunned … and needed to satirize her for my own catharsis. Then I saw her in these big suits and that’s when I knew, one of the reasons I was put on this earth was to impersonate Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Q. How’s the response been?

A. Overwhelmingly positive and rewarding. One of my fears was that people would only want me to portray Margaret Thatcher and people embracing this character proved me wrong.

Q. Have you heard from the mayor?

A. Not directly. But has anybody noticed that she’s dressing a little better and attempting to look more like a Mayor? You’re welcome.

Editor’s note: Justin and Lisa are part of the creative ensemble at Chicago4Real.

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