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Death Stranding Director’s Cut Shows Off PS5’s Wide Mode in Kojima Trailer

As promised, Hideo Kojima has deployed the final trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which comes to PlayStation 5 on September 24.

As previously planned, the final trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut has gone live online, preparing fans and newcomers alike for the project’s release later this month. Director Hideo Kojima began teasing the epic trailer in mid-July, sharing snippets every so often about his personal approach to editing. Across a series of tweets, the auteur walked curious fans through finding the right music, choosing the best gameplay footage, and more, all in the name of composing a picture that sticks with “people who haven’t played it, only know the title, or are replaying it.”

The Director’s Cut itself packs in a whole host of new features, including brand-new missions, Firing Range, and the Fragile Circuit racing mode. Content from the PC version, such as the Cyberpunk 2077 and Half-Life content, comes to the Director’s Cut, as well. Plus, PlayStation 5 owners can expect the latest iteration of Death Stranding to take full advantage of DualSense, 3D audio, Widescreen Mode, and two HDR-supported picture modes – Performance and Fidelity. Performance Mode boasts scaled 4K visuals and up to 60 fps, while Fidelity runs in native 4K.

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut’s final trailer, recorded in wide mode on PS5, has officially gone live online. Kojima himself edited this lengthy new look at the nearly two-year-old title, providing a look at everything from the gameplay and story to new additions such as the aforementioned Firing Range and Fragile Circuit. Check it out in the video linked below:

Kojima and Co. didn’t disappoint. As the last trailer for the impending Director’s Cut, the above does its job and then some, thanks to Kojima’s ability to cater to both Death Stranding faithful and newcomers.

Sony published the genre-defying adventure in late 2019, releasing it as a timed exclusive on PS4. Death Stranding migrated to PC several months thereafter, courtesy of publisher 505 Games. Out of the gate, PC players received access to new features such as Photo Mode, Half-Life crossover content, and ultra-wide monitor support. The two releases worked wonders for Kojima Productions in the long run, particularly in terms of market performance. In late July, the studio’s Head of Publishing Jay Boor revealed Death Stranding had sold more than five million units across PC and PS4 as of March 2021. Those numbers should see another surge in the near future.

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Death Stranding Director’s Cut makes its way to PlayStation 5 on September 24.

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