October 1, 2023


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Elden Ring Exploiters Can Corrupt Other Players’ Save Files

Hackers in Elden Ring are invading enemy players’ worlds and corrupting their save files, causing them to lose characters they spent hours leveling.

There are few feelings quite as bad as getting invaded and killed by an enemy player in Elden Ring, but it appears that there might be a fate even worse when it comes to these invaders. Players are reporting that certain invaders are taking advantage of their time in these foreign Lands Between and are corrupting other player’s save files, erasing hours of progress.

Although Elden Ring is often a single-player experience, the game also has a robust multiplayer element. Not only can Elden Ring players leave messages on the ground for others, whether to advise them on how to conquer a difficult enemy or where a hidden room might be, but they can also cooperate to navigate the Land Between. With the help of other players, Elden Ring players can form squads to take down difficult bosses. Unfortunately, players can also invade enemy worlds to become an antagonist and battle the player in their homeworld. Normally, this is only a mere annoyance to the player being invaded, who might lose their life and whatever runes they haven’t spent. That may not be the worst-case scenario anymore, though.


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According to Elden Ring Update on Twitter, there is an exploit for PC Elden Ring players where players can corrupt the save file of a player when they invade their world. According to Elden Ring Update, the hacker will first crash the player’s game and then stick the character of the invaded player in a position where they will be constantly dying upon opening the game. This effectively renders that particular save file unplayable, which is incredibly frustrating for any PC players who spent hours leveling their characters and acquiring rare items.

Although hacking is a problem in all multiplayer games, it’s a relatively new issue when it comes to Elden Ring. Even though players have already begun to use the feature to create new ways to battle each other, most players are still navigating Elden Ring‘s massive open world. There are hints that, down the line, Fromsoftware will add new content specifically tailored to multiplayer. Modders have already uncovered evidence that arenas for multiplayer battles could be added to Elden Ring later.

Unfortunately, if Elden Ring adds more content tailored to the multiplayer side, there will be more opportunities for bad actors to exploit and hack. While many will simply do so to gain an unfair advantage and kill their enemy, this current issue goes far beyond wall hacking. Hopefully, Fromsoftware will take action to protect players’ save files and remove those hackers who would ruin their games.

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Elden Ring is available on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox S|X.

Source: Elden Ring Update

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