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Elden Ring: Where To Get The Claymore

Elden Ring is sporting a ton of classic From Software weapons, but one fan-favorite greatsword ranks among the most recognizable. The Claymore is a franchise staple and a fantastic addition to your collection of armaments. Even better, it can be found very early in the game, making it a perfect choice for Strength builds looking for a weapon to begin improving right away. Don’t worry, either, as we’ll tell you exactly where you can find the Claymore.

Claymore explained

The Claymore is a greatsword and requires 16 Strength and 13 Dexterity to wield. Due to those relatively low requirements, it makes for a very solid option for Strength builds.

The Lion’s Claw weapon skill comes on the Claymore, providing a visually flashy attack that causes your character to do a front flip and slam the sword down on an enemy. This has some decent staggering potential, and it can be great for closing gaps in a pinch.

The Claymore’s item description reads:

A large sword with a long, straight blade. This heavy sword is usually wielded with two hands, but for those with enough strength, one is sufficient. In addition to the heavy sweeping attacks, it can also make a heavy piercing thrust making this a versatile weapon.

Where to find the Claymore

The Claymore is located within Castle Morne in the Weeping Peninsula. This area is accessible from the beginning of the game, meaning you can quickly and easily travel down to it any time after the tutorial to ensure that the Claymore is part of your build right away.

Castle Morne
Castle Morne

From the first Site of Grace at Castle Morne, take the lift up and look straight ahead to see a large collection of harpies on a corpse pile. You can choose to take on these enemies, but if you haven’t done much leveling yet, they may prove a bit overwhelming. Either way, your goal is to travel up the right side of the mound of bodies and around the corner.

Once you’ve rounded the corner, you’ll see a lone door you can enter. Inside this next room directly to your left is a chest holding the Claymore. You’re wielding power now.

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