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US Navy SEAL and DOD Engineer Invent All-American Tech for Encrypted Off-Grid Communication

US Navy SEAL and DOD Engineer Invent All-American Tech for Encrypted Off-Grid Communication

US Navy SEAL and DOD Engineer Invent All-American Tech for Encrypted Off-Grid Communication

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AUSTIN, Texas, March 21, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas, March 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Invented by a retired US Navy SEAL and a DOD engineer, PATCH is a revolutionary new device from Roper that integrates with your gear and pairs with your smartphone to securely text and share GPS and maps with end-to-end encryption without cell service, Wi-Fi or satellite. PATCH also automatically monitors the activity and location of your team so you can keep tabs on everyone, even if they are unable to send a message. Styled as a US flag patch, the waterproof device is made in the USA and uses the same wireless charging as a smartphone. These unique innovations distinguish PATCH from its competitors and are part of its patented design.

PATCH uses 256-bit AES type 1 cryptography, the same encryption used by elite government agencies. This allows for complete privacy of data sent via PATCH. Additionally, no data is stored, with all texts and locations wiped when the PATCH app is closed.

“That’s critically important for information security and data privacy, which is a huge issue these days with big tech companies collecting and exploiting user information,” said PATCH engineer and co-inventor Maeve Garigan. “We simply won’t do that, it’s completely against our ethics and values.”

“PATCH is truly unique because it is the first of its kind to seamlessly integrate with your gear and your smartphone” explained retired US Navy SEAL Commander and PATCH co-inventor Dana De Coster. “Plenty of folks enjoy having a US flag patch on their gear, so now we are giving them a patch with real functional value in real world situations.”

Both inventors spent their careers supporting the US Military and PATCH reflects their core values of integrity, teamwork, service, and excellence. The inventors’ commitment to making PATCH in the US reflects these values. 

“Maintaining a strong engineering and manufacturing base is critical to our nation’s economy and security,” explained Garigan. “We can do right by our country, and we can do well as a company. We have our values, we stick to them. Our values define us and they serve us well.”

Interest in PATCH is extremely high due to its innovative design and powerful communication capabilities. PATCH launched March 22 on Kickstarter with special introductory pricing of $399 per device and limited packages including a once-in-lifetime opportunity to train alongside US Navy SEALs. For more information, visit https://www.patchconnects.com or email [email protected]

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