July 18, 2024


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Electric car dealership opens in Colorado Springs

SOUTHERN COLORADO — Phil Long of Colorado Springs is paving the way to bring more electric car options to the state. The first electric and hybrid dealership in southern Colorado celebrated their grand opening Thursday.

Colorado Springs in leading the charge for change with this new e-car dealership.

“The first EV outlet in southern Colorado and the second in the state of Colorado. This is the way the world is moving,” said Mayor John Suthers.

Phil Long EV Outlet is the only southern Colorado spot selling pre-owned electric and hybrid cars. With an array of makes and models, this dealership is a one stop e-car shop.

“I have electrical vehicle pros we call them. Instead of going to each dealership and they just know the specifics of one thing, my pros get to know all the vehicles in the market,” said Peter Buckles, General Manager of Phil Long EV Outlet.

The goal is steering toward cleaner air with fewer gasoline-powered cars on Colorado roads. It’s all part of the push to have around a million electric cars cruising Colorado roads by the year 2030.

And with more electric and hybrid options, charging stations will be popping up across the state. CDOT plans to have fast charging stations along I-70 and I-25, as well as at state parks and along state highways.

“Over time, the network will be available to help people charge these cars wherever they’re at. From the state system, we’re absolutely working to integrate them so when you’re driving to the mountains you can stop and charge your vehicle while you get a cup of coffee,” said Shoshana Lew, CDOT Executive Director.

You can even swing by the EV Outlet to use their chargers.

“It’ll be really quick, around 30 minutes, and you’ll have full charges. So when you’re headed to Denver or Pueblo and you want to stop in, come on in and get a quick charge. That’s what we’re here for,” said Buckles.

New fast chargers juice up your car in around 20 minutes and can get you from Denver to Albuquerque.

“Electric and hybrid cars are one of the fastest ways that we can keep our air clean,” said Lew.

DIRK: “It’s so consistent with plans we have for the community for how we use our resources, for the air quality we have in the region, for protecting our view sheds. It’s just another example of Colorado Springs’ leadership and innovation,” said Draper.

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