May 19, 2024


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Electric car revolution risks going flat unless rollout of chargers doubles in speed

In its report earlier this year, research group Transport & Environment said: “With too few chargers, utilisation rates will be good but drivers will struggle to find a convenient public charge point of the type they need.

“This is likely to lead to negative media coverage that will discourage new drivers buying a BEV (battery-electric vehicle) until 2035. Growing the number of chargers at the right speed is therefore essential.”

Rod Dennis, an RAC spokesman, said: “It’s vital that installations of new chargers keep pace with the numbers of electric vehicles going on to our roads, but having good charging infrastructure is about more than just the numbers – the speed and location of chargers are arguably even more important.

“For example, having plenty of slower chargers in places like shopping centres where drivers park for longer periods makes sense, but elsewhere a focus on rapid or even ultra-rapid units would be much more in drivers’ interests.”

A spokesman for the Department for Transport said: “The Government is investing £1.3 billion to accelerate the roll-out of our charging infrastructure over the next four years, and we have already installed 25,000 public charge points – including more than 4,700 rapid devices.

“Our new EV strategy, published later this year, will set out how we’ll work with councils and industry to build a world-leading system at pace.”

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