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Every Big PS4 Exclusive (Besides God of War) Still Not On PC

Recent announcements brought the news that God of War would be coming to PC soon, joining a steadily growing list of PlayStation 4 exclusives making the jump away from Sony’s last-gen console. PlayStation’s reputation is practically built on the back of its exclusives, and the typically high quality single player experiences are always met with excitement before a wider release on PC. There are, however, plenty of PlayStation 4 exclusive that have yet to come to PC, though there’s still plenty of opportunity as the console market gradually shifts toward the PS5.

2018’s God of War is critically lauded, beloved by fans, and a monumental release for the PC community. The series developed primarily by Santa Monica Studio is a PlayStation staple, harkening back to the PS2 era. The upcoming sequel, God of War Ragnarök, is highly anticipated, and Sony seems eager to entice potential fans with the promise of DLSS and ultrawide support for God of War on PC.

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Other PS4 exclusives – notably Horizon Zero DawnDeath Stranding, and Days Gone – have received similar treatment in their PC ports. Rereleases do, of course, provide an opportunity for more players to try a game (and gives Sony another round of sales to look forward to), but they also give games a second chance at the spotlight. Not that many of the big PlayStation exclusives are left wanting for praise, but a rerelease can reinvigorate the fan community and give players a chance to discuss some of their favorites with those new to the game. There’s also the all-important power of PC hardware, which can completely revamp certain titles. This could be the case with the PS4 exclusives below, if Sony decides to give them a PC port.

PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – Bloodborne

God of War on PC May Support Bloodborne PC Rumors

It seems that every time a new PlayStation PC port is mentioned, the Bloodborne PC rumors begin again, with fans desperately wanting a rerelease with an unlocked framerate. Developer FromSoftware had really hit its stride with the massively influential Dark Souls in 2011, and four years later, Bloodborne brought a version of the signature tough-but-fair gameplay to the blood-soaked, nightmare-fueled, Victorian-inspired city of Yharnam. Unfortunately, the game is locked at 30fps, a limitation of the gameplay, which makes it something of a holy grail for PS4 exclusive rereleases.

PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima May Be Getting An Expansion

Ghost of Tsushima provides a vibrant, gorgeous depiction of the Japanese island of Tsushima in the 13th century. Protagonist Jin Sakai dons the mask of the Ghost, forsaking traditional Samurai honor to lead the resistance against the first Mongol invasion of Japan. The innovative Guiding Wind system brings a refreshing gameplay perspective to the open world action-adventure genre, and Ghost of Tsushima‘s deep combat gives players a dynamic and powerful weapon in the form of a katana.

PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo is the long-time racing exclusive for the PlayStation family of consoles. Occupying a similar lane as Xbox’s ForzaGT could bring some real competition on PC. PlayStation owners are awaiting the release of Gran Turismo 7, but the most recent entry in the series, Sport, offers a unique brand of multiplayer racing. Online tournaments are sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, a governing body which oversees the likes of Formula 1. The FIA brings international recognition to Gran Turismo Sport, and may have been a deciding factor in the game coming to the first ever Olympic Virtual Series.

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PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – Infamous Second Son

InFamous could see a revival on PC

The Infamous series seems to have fallen by the wayside with Sucker Punch Productions moving on to Ghost of Tsushima. It’s last entry came in the form of Second Son in 2014, followed shortly after by a standalone expansion called First LightInfamous Second Son puts players in control of Delsin Rowe, a superhuman with the unique ability of mimicking powers of other Conduits. Throughout the game, players are given an arsenal of four power categories, and the particle effects from the neon powers especially could look incredible on high-end PCs.

PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – Killzone Shadow Fall

Killzone Shadowfall

Killzone is another PlayStation exclusive series that has joined Infamous in hiatus. Developer Guerrilla Games currently has its hands full with Horizon Forbidden West. The science fiction FPS series depicts galactic conflict between the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance and the Helghan Empire, with its last entry, Shadow Fall, being released as a PS4 launch title. Killzone could have something of a revival if Shadow Fall were brought to PC, and its graphics could benefit from a 4K upgrade.

PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian, Trico and the boy crossing a broken bridge

The Last Guardian had a long and troubled development, being initially announced in 2009, but not releasing until 2016. It’s the most recent project of game designer Fumito Ueda, who’s most famously responsible for Shadow of the Colossus – the Bluepoint Games remake of which also deserves to reach a wider audience on PC. The Last Guardian follows the journey of a boy and the giant, mystical creature he becomes friends with, the gameplay almost entirely revolving around their partnership.

PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – The Last Of Us Part II

Every Bafta 2021 Video Game Winner In Every Category The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part II released in 2020 and made a narrative leap to five years after its predecessor, with the world still in shambles due to the Cordyceps fungal infection which essentially turns people into zombies. The game recently received a 60fps performance update for the PS5, but its incredible character animation could truly come to life on PC. There’s also rumors of a remake for the first game being in the works, and a bundle of the two (or The Last of Us Remastered) could bring the entire acclaimed saga to PC.

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PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – The Order: 1886

The Order 1886 could get a second chance on PC

The Order: 1886 was met with its fair share of criticism upon its release in 2015. Many felt the game was too short, and the gameplay mechanics weren’t properly fleshed out. However, the third-person, cover-based shooter, was a visual tour-de-force at the time. Players were given control of an effectively immortal Sir Galahad and joined the rest of the knights from King Arthur’s round table to fight lycanthropic enemies in an alternate history version of Industrial Revolution era London with advanced weaponry invented by Nikola Tesla. Unfortunately, developer Ready at Dawn is now owned by Facebook under the Oculus Studios umbrella, meaning The Order seems unlikely to return either on PC nor in any other capacity.

PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – Spider-Man

Spider-Man PS4 Advanced Suit

Marvel’s Spider-Man is likely be the biggest PlayStation 4 exclusive that could come to PC. The open-world web-swinging titles from Insomniac Games have seemingly joined the Batman: Arkham series as the gold standard of superhero video games. The original is more likely to get a PC release than Miles Morales, since the quasi-sequel spin-off is still a system-seller for the PlayStation 5. Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes ever created, and a re-release on PC would almost be guaranteed to sell extremely well.

PS4 Exclusives Not On PC – Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

poster of Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection with a silhouette figure of Nathan Drake

The first three Uncharted games are technically PS3 exclusives, but they were remastered and bundled into The Nathan Drake Collection for the PS4 in 2015. Frequently regarded as the Indiana Jones of video games, Uncharted follows treasure hunter Nathan Drake across the globe on a variety of adventures to find the lost ruins of ancient civilizations. Sony made the strange decision to release Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy on PC as the Legacy of Thieves Collection, so it would only be fitting for Drake’s entire story to come to the platform, even though they aren’t originally PlayStation 4 games.

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