May 24, 2024


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FEC defends Twitter over Hunter Biden censorship in a decision based on lies

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So the Federal Election Commission has decided Twitter violated no election laws when it censored the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the 2020 election.

Of course, the news was leaked to the New York Times — likely by a Democratic member of the FEC staff — so that it could be treated with maximum scorn.

The Times report sneeringly begins that The Post’s article was “unsubstantiated,” which is bull. The Biden team never denied that the laptop is real, and Hunter Biden later told CBS, coyly, that the laptop “could be” his.


People involved in the emails we published, including Tony Bobulinski, have confirmed the content. Our article is “unsubstantiated” because the Times and other outlets don’t want to actually report on it themselves.

Photo credit: Getty Images / AP

Photo credit: Getty Images / AP

If the Times’ report on the FEC’s decision is accurate, the agency decided that Twitter’s decision was commercial, not political. The “move followed existing policies related to hacked materials.”

But Hunter Biden’s laptop wasn’t hacked! It was forgotten at a Delaware computer repair shop, a fact confirmed by the shop’s owner to multiple reporters. The material was also provided, the Times says, by people who wanted Biden to lose the election. Hmm, you mean like the people who leaked to the Times President Donald Trump’s tax returns and telephone transcripts? The test of reporting is not whether it’s true, but whom it benefits?

Does anyone think for a moment that Twitter would have censored a report about a laptop owned by Donald Trump Jr.?


The Times can’t even get the timeline right. It writes, “Twitter actually reversed course within a day of its decision to block the distribution of the Hunter Biden article, and its chief executive, Jack Dorsey, has called the initial move a ‘mistake.’” While it’s true Dorsey did call it a mistake, Twitter still banned The Post — blackmailing us by saying they wouldn’t unlock our account unless we deleted the Hunter Biden post. We refused; the story was true. Twitter finally backed down, but it wasn’t a day later, it was two weeks.

The liberal media lied about the Hunter Biden laptop then, and they’re lying about it now. And Twitter and the FEC are parroting those lies. It wasn’t hacked. It’s real. And it’s a coverup.

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