May 27, 2024


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Forget Punching Bags. Liteboxer Wants to Turn Your Living Room Into a Boxing Gym

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Home exercise equipment is nothing new. But like so many other areas of technology, the field has exploded over the past decade, particularly smart devices like the Mirror and Peloton’s insanely popular stationary bikes. And a new fitness startup, Liteboxer, hopes its digital boxing instructor will achieve the same success.

Launched earlier this week, the eponymously named device seeks to offer the more fitness-minded among us the chance to transform our home into our own personal boxing gym, reports Tech Crunch. And while the ability to get a full-body work at home is sure to appeal to many, it’s likely to be especially enticing during a time when millions of Americans don’t have access to their gyms because of coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns.

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The Liteboxer is a free-standing device consisting of three major elements. The top section features six force-sensitive punch zones that will light up depending on your chosen workout (similar to a rhythm video game like Dance Dance Revolution). Below that is a smaller set of pads meant for working on body blows. Finally, there’s a stand for na iOS or Android tablet or smartphone on which you can stream classes and take guided workouts. The entire unit stands at 55 inches tall, making it more compact and convenient to store than a punching bag, which usually also requires a suspension system.

As with so many other Internet-connected devices, the Liteboxer operates on a subscription model. But you’ll get loads of content for your monthly fee, including classes taught by former US heavyweight Leyon Azubuike, kickboxer Eliza Shirazi and fitness trainer Emily Collins. The device will also allow you to split up your workout in bursts throughout the day, as well as compete against other subscribers. Liteboxer wants users to be using the device multiple times a week, and has set up programs that make this easy to do.

“Not only do you get stronger, but this is also a mental exercise and a huge stress reliever,” the company’s chairman Todd Dagres told Tech Crunch. “It helps with your mental acuity, and it’s more than just a cardio machine type of thing. So, we want people to be habitual about it.”

The Liteboxer, which is available for pre-order now though the company’s website, costs $1,495. The subscription fee is $29 a month, though the startup is currently offering a three-month trial. Deliveries are expected to begin next month.

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