April 14, 2024


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Foxconn reveals ‘Foxtron’ EV brand, teases new cars and electric bus

Electronics manufacturer Foxconn may be best known as an Apple iPhone supplier, but the company is getting into the car business — and it’s starting off with plans for multiple electric cars (and a bus). On Monday, the company shared a teaser video for its Oct. 18 Hon Hai Tech Day 2021, where it plans to reveal a “slate of electric vehicles” that seems to include E- and C-segment vehicles. And that bus.

The video shows an SUV and sedan alongside the electric bus, and the design isn’t too shabby! There’s a mix of Polestar, maybe some Byton vibes going on, but we’ll have to see the cars revealed in full before making a final judgment. As for the bus: Well, it looks like a bus.

These cars won’t wear the Foxconn name but a new badge: Foxtron. It’s a properly futuristic title for what will likely be a tech-filled vehicle lineup. The company previously announced its intentions to enter the auto sector last year when it revealed a new EV architecture. However, it sounded like Foxconn wanted to supply the bones for other companies, not start its own brand. Alas.

We also know Foxconn will work with startup Fisker to build what’s called Project PEAR, and the Taiwanese giant reached an agreement to purchase the sprawling Lordstown Motors facility in Ohio as a production hub. It seems like Foxconn’s moving quickly, but we’ll learn a lot more on Oct. 18 when it reveals these cars.

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