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Genshin Impact Adding DualSense Support For PC Is Pointless For Now

Genshin Impact technically added DualSense support, but the update doesn’t include any of the controller’s features, making it feel pointless.

Genshin Impact, arguably one of the most popular ongoing gatcha RPGs of all time, recently added support for the PS5’s DualSense controllers to the PC version of the game, which should be something to celebrate for those who prefer to use controllers, especially considering the DualSense’s innovative and specialized features. Unfortunately, the DualSense support misses the mark by quite a bit, making it pointless to pick the PS5’s iconic controller over any other controller on the market.

In Genshin Impact, players switch between controllable characters in their party during combat, utilizing each character’s different skills and abilities. Since it’s an ongoing, service based game, there are also numerous other activities and events in Genshin Impact for players to do to acquire and upgrade weapons, level up characters and collect currency. Depending on the character, there are also abilities that affect the environment, allowing the player to manipulate the area around them for their advantage.

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Because so much of Genshin Impact is focused on character movement and combat, control schemes and familiarity with controllers is a nice perk to have for players jumping into the game, which is why it was so exciting that the PC version finally included DualSense support. However, what makes the DualSense so unique are its interesting and innovative technological features, like haptic triggers and rumble mechanics – and unfortunately, none of these are present on PC.

DualSense Support For Genshin Impact Is Pointless

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An update on Genshin Impact‘s website, dated October 11, mentions that DualSense support is now available for PC players, but it also lists a number of restrictions to the controller’s abilities, including vibrations and speaker sound effects. Not only does this mean that the DualSense’s specialized features aren’t supported on the PC version of Genshin Impact, but, essentially, every feature other than routine button presses aren’t available either.

If someone has a DualSense controller lying around that they’d like to use for Genshin Impact on PC, it will still work, so if it’s the only option, there’s no reason not to hook it up to the game – and as controllers go, it’s a comfortable and nicely appointed one. However, if what excited someone about DualSense support for the game was haptic feedback, vibrations, or speaker sound effects, then the update is more than a little disappointing. Considering the expense of the DualSense controller in addition, Genshin Impact is definitely not the reason to go out and buy one if  an older PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller offers the exact same experience at a much lower cost.

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