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God Of War On Steam Backs Up Bloodborne PC Rumors

Now that Sony has confirmed that God of War is coming to PC in 2022, it may help support rumors that Bloodborne will also make the jump.

The rumors of Bloodborne coming to PC may be getting more plausible following confirmation of a God of War PC port from Sony. Both God of War and Bloodborne have been heavily rumored for PC for quite some time after Sony confirmed it would be bringing select PlayStation titles over to the platform. With more and more PlayStation titles making the multiplatform jump, it seems increasingly likely that Bloodborne could get the PC treatment too.

After months of rumblings, Sony announced that God of War is coming to PC in 2022. This will be the first entry in the franchise to release on PC and will also likely be used to generate interest in the IP on a non-PlayStation platform. Sony’s PC strategy seems to revolve around releasing some of its marquee titles on the platform years after their initial release to sell more copies and possibly entice players to purchase PlayStation 5 consoles. Two of the four exclusives that have come or are coming to the platform have sequels on the way, so this may be a way to get people interested in these franchises and make the jump over to PlayStation.

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One game PC players have been hoping to see is Bloodborne. It has remained one of the most beloved PS4 games, and earlier this year, there were rumblings it may finally make its way to a non-PlayStation platform. The rumor specifically noted that games like God of War and Bloodborne could hit PC, and now one of those games has been confirmed. This certainly bodes well for fans hoping the FromSoftware title will come to other platforms.

God Of War’s PC Port May Back Up Rumors Of Bloodborne Coming To PC

God Of War PC Update Kratos Atreus

It’s entirely possible that the leaker was just guessing what games were going to be ported, as the pattern that Sony had created at that time certainly indicated God of War would make the jump eventually. That said, God of War and Bloodborne were not the only games on the leaked list. A Ghost of Tsushima PC port was also rumored, and although it hasn’t happened yet, there seems to be a solid a chance that Sony will bring the recently released PS5 director’s cut to PC in the near future.

The list also included a mention of an Uncharted PC port collection, which was recently announced by Sony. Although there’s no new Uncharted game on the way, there is a new Uncharted movie slated for February 2022 – the same time window as the PC collection. If Sony is trying to align its PC launches with other events tied to their IP, fans might be justified in expecting some new Bloodborne content in the near future, which has also been the subject of recent rumors.

Sony could be preparing a new remaster for PS5 and PC with a 2022 release date in mind. There’s no way to guarantee it’s happening, but the fact that two of the games on that leaked list have come to fruition seems promising. Still, some insiders say a Bloodborne PC port isn’t happening. Only time will tell, but Sony may be playing this one close to the chest to try and keep it as much of a surprise as possible.

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