May 21, 2024


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God of War PC Version Spotted in GeForce Now Database, Suggesting Release on Steam Soon

A database leak on NVIDIA Geforce Now suggests that PS4 exclusive God of War may be headed to PC via Steam soon.

Ighor July, a blogger on Medium, shared their findings when tinkering around in Nvidia’s Geforce Now streaming service. Using a chain of datamining tricks, Ighor landed upon a list of applications that are yet to be added to the game streaming service, most of which show signs of their listings on Steam.

“This game is the PlayStation exclusive and most likely not coming to other platforms any time soon,” writes Ighor in his blog post . “But why it’s here then? It says the game is located in the Steam store, but it’s nowhere found in Steam. Maybe it’s the leak of the game release which is coming soon? It may be, but the information I found out next made me think otherwise.

Among his findings, he found many games and applications that have yet to be announced on Steam, including God of War, the Dolphin emulator and perhaps the most surprising of all – Super Mario Bros. Wii. These additional discoveries may point to God of War’s PC version listing being an error, but given Sony’s tendency, and willingness, to port their PS4 exclusive games to PC in recent times, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Kratos make his way to PCs soon.

With a direct sequel in God of War: Ragnarok slated to hit PS4 and PS5 consoles next year, it’s possible that Sony may port the first game to PC to incentivise PC players to take an interest in the franchise and maybe pick up a PS5 to play the sequel. We saw that strategy with Horizon: Zero Dawn’s PC port ahead of its sequel’s announcement, and it’s been proven that Sony is willing to part ways with exclusivity on their most prized possessions like the Uncharted franchise.

God of War is available now on PS4 and PS5 via backwards compatibility along with being included on the PlayStation Plus collection. The game’s sequel, God of War Ragnarok, will release on PS4 and PS5 in 2022.

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