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How to avoid homework stress

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Feeling overwhelmed by all of your assignments? You wouldn’t be the first, nor the only one. Do you know that 56% of students consider homework to be a primary source of stress?

The grip homework-related anxiety has on all students is worrying, to say the least. Luckily, every day there are more conversations on the topic and a growing awareness of the stress today’s youth face.

These feelings of stress can lead to a lack of focus, procrastination, and even lower a student’s ability to retain information. It all makes completing the homework assignments more difficult, which in turn causes more frustration and round and round we go.

This shouldn’t be the case – and it doesn’t have to be! Time to break out of the loop and teach you some useful tips on dealing with stress and anxiety caused by your work!

Create a schedule and stick to it

Having a plan can make tasks seem much more manageable. Thus, with a proper schedule to stick by, you won’t be feeling overwhelmed and crushed by responsibilities at all times.

An effective work plan should split up your day and set aside a certain amount of time for all homework assignments, as well as leisurely activities, food, and, of course, sleep.

Writing down your day helps you conceptualize your time better, feel in control, and actually stick to your plans.

Putting your tasks on a to-do list can also help – completing an assignment and crossing it off further motivates you!

Effectively manage your time

Now, when making a schedule, it’s important to be realistic and manage your time well.

Don’t set goals that might be impossible to reach, spare yourself the headache.

While it would be great to finish your hour-long homework assignment in 20 minutes, that’s not really likely to happen. What will happen with this reckless planning of your time will put you behind schedule. Furthermore, it’ll bring you down and demotivate you – which can slow you down even more!

So, set aside a reasonable amount of time for each task.

Also, avoid overworking yourself. You can only be productive for so long. It’s best to schedule a time for homework and break up every 25-30 minutes with time for rest.

Breaks are essential to keeping your performance up. Give yourself time to unwind, and come back to work renewed.

Not to mention, looking at the same task with a refreshed pair of eyes can make the world of a difference, especially if you’re stuck on an assignment.

Create a clean work environment

A messy desk will lead to a messy head. And a messy head is where all the negative emotions such as stress thrive.

Having a clean and organized space can serve multiple purposes. For one, it makes you in charge of your surroundings. Control is a powerful feeling – it helps you feel less overwhelmed and makes the burden of homework seem lighter.

Secondly, a clean and quiet environment will help you work better. This means you can finish your work sooner, and eliminate the cause of stress altogether.

No distractions

Your workstation should also be a place free of distractions. Having a smartphone or any device near and available is a recipe for disaster.

No matter how hard you try, it can always drag you into browsing some social medium or another for hours on end.

Therefore, even if you can’t get rid of all distractions, keep them to a minimum to stay as focused on the task at hand as possible.

Get homework out of the way quickly

Don’t let homework anxiety brew – it only makes things worse.

Sitting down to do homework as soon as possible is a good way to build a routine and also eliminate the source of worry sooner.

The longer you wait to do an assignment the less time is left over, and the more stressed you’ll feel.

Baby-step your way to a stress-free task

Don’t worry about doing everything perfectly. If you’re not feeling in the mood for writing, you can still push yourself to try – one sentence at a time.

Going slow may feel like no progress is being made, but trust me, it is! In the end, you’ll have more to show than before you started, and you may even find your groove along the way.

Don’t compromise your health

Stress not only leads to bad mental health but can damage your physical well-being as well.

This is why following a schedule and taking breaks is so important. Regularly drink water, or some other beverage, have a snack, make time for meals, friends, relaxing activities, etc. Most importantly, however, get a good night’s sleep.

Rest helps us work at full capacity better than anything else. As cool as an all-nighter sounds in the media – it’s hell for actually managing your homework and work-related stress.

The verdict

School is stressful in many ways, but not all of it is out of our control.

Dealing with negative emotions homework causes is possible as long as you follow our simple tips, or maybe turn to professionals for a fitting custom writing online service.

Get yourself into a better state of mind, better your physical health, and deal with homework with ease.

Story by John Tale

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