September 27, 2023


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[VIDEO] Dan Crenshaw Visibly Angry When His “Neocon” Talking Points Are Challenged on Fox News

Dan Crenshaw thinks anyone on the right who’s opposed to a war in Ukraine is part of a small “fringe minority.”


Dan believes we should ignore our own borders, and go fight for someone else’s borders in a “war” with a nuclear power, that is so filled with propaganda, nobody knows what’s really going on.

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Crenshaw believes most conservatives want to go to war under the guidance of Bumbling Joe Biden, who got 13 Americans killed in Afghanistan just trying to leave the country after the war was over.

It’s not shocking that Dan would think this – after all, he’s one of the politicians who’s been spreading “fake war propaganda” on his Twitter account.

And Dan is doing what the left is infamous for — if you don’t agree with him, and you don’t want to risk nuclear war, he calls you a “pro-Putin” shill.

Well, Dan showed up on Fox News, where he was pushing his neocon talking points, and he got some major pushback from Rachel Campos-Duffy, who disagrees, and believes there are a lot of folks on the right who do not want to get involved in this regional conflict.

But Dan doesn’t buy it and you can see how he actually gets visibly angry over being challenged.


But that’s not surprising, Dan is a raging globalist.

You can watch the video below:

I just have to say this again – because it’s so true…

If Texans don’t get rid of Dan Crenshaw right now, he will root himself into the party and be the next John McCain or Liz Cheney on steroids.

This man is a globalist, and he’s admitted that he looks to Paul Ryan for advice.

Paul Ryan…

Look, when they tell us who they are, we should believe them, and relieve them of their duties.


If we don’t, we won’t win. It’s that simple.

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