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How To Share Wi-Fi Passwords On An iPhone (The Easy Way)

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords is often a pain in the butt. Have an iPhone? Here’s how to start sharing them without any stress or hassle ever again.

Sharing Wi-Fi passwords with people is often a tedious task — however, doing so from Apple‘s iPhone makes the process substantially easier. Everyone’s been there at one point or another. A friend or family member comes over, they ask for the Wi-Fi password, and it’s then an exercise of carefully reading out every letter, number, and symbol so they can connect. If someone types an incorrect button at any point in the process, it’s back to square one until they get it right.

These seemingly insignificant tasks pop up all the time in daily life. With the iPhone and its iOS operating system, these are things Apple has done an excellent job at addressing. In a dark room or walking outside at night? Just press the flashlight icon on the lock screen to see the surroundings. Need to scan a QR code? Open the control panel and tap the QR code scanner shortcut. There are heaps of smaller features like this scattered all throughout iOS, making the platform genuinely helpful for so many things.

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When it comes to Wi-Fi password sharing, this is yet another pain point Apple has addressed. Rather than needing to read aloud every character and make sure each one’s entered correctly, someone can share those details with the press of a button. Let’s say someone comes over and has their own Apple device. After selecting the Wi-Fi network, the person whose home they’re at will get a notification on their iPhone. Tap ‘Share Password’ when that pop-up appears, the Wi-Fi details will be sent securely to the other device, and it’ll connect to the network just like that.

Tips For Sharing Your Wi-Fi Password With Ease

Apple iPhone 12 Green With Wi-Fi Signal Distorted

This whole process is about as easy as it gets. However, there are a few factors that all need to come together in order for it to work. For starters, both gadgets have to be Apple-made ones running the latest available software. So long as both parties use an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, everything should work as intended. It’s also important to make sure that devices have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, along with shutting off the Personal Hotspot feature if it’s currently on.

Last but certainly not least, this password sharing feature will only work if both people have the other person’s Apple ID email in their Contacts app. This is to ensure the handy pop-up only appears for people who know each other. It’s excellent when a friend or family member comes to visit, but if someone lives in an apartment or duplex, this prevents unknown individuals from triggering that pop-up. When all of those things come together, sharing Wi-Fi passwords becomes a piece of cake. Have someone tap to join your network, confirm the password sharing on the pop-up that appears, and that’s all there is to it.

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