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Star Wars’ Deadliest Anti-Jedi Weapon Is One Fans Don’t Know About

In Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #8, rumors of a weapon that can turn a Jedi to dust are beginning to spread, and the Nihil might have it.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #8!

An IDW’s Star Wars comic is dropping some serious hints that a relic stolen by the deadly Nihil marauders can apparently turn the Jedi of the High Republic into dust. Readers have yet to behold such a terrifying spectacle, but multiple characters have alluded to the existence of such a weapon and those with the intel aren’t refuting these ostensibly outrageous claims.

In the debut issue of Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, the Nihil arrive on Trymant IV to obtain the second and final piece to a relic their kind could use against the Jedi. The marauders learn of the other half’s location four installments later and apparently acquire what they had been searching for based on comments made in the eighth issue by writer Daniel Jose Older and artist Toni Bruno.

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On the Nihil vessel, the recent Nihil recruit Krix Kamarat first mentions that he had heard that the relic they found was capable of destroying the Jedi. The so-called Eye doesn’t refute the boy’s claims but instead comments on his hatred for the Jedi. Then on the Starlight Beacon, a Padawan asks a Jedi master to confirm whether the rumors concerning Master Greatstorm turning to dust were accurate. One of the Jedi masters affirms Greatstorm’s death, but doesn’t elaborate further on how he died.

This is just another example of Daniel Jose Older’s excellent handle on the art of storytelling (and why IDW’s series is better than Marvel). By hiding the actual act of a Jedi being turned to dust, he is allowing the anticipation to grow but doesn’t withhold too much detail to avoid the risk of the reader losing interest. Writer Older accomplishes this by providing tidbits throughout the issue, acknowledging that such a weapon could exist but sometimes presenting it subtly while somehow discrediting its existence simultaneously to keep the reader guessing and even second-guessing themselves.

Regardless, such a weapon easily dwarfs the many others used to defeat Jedi in terms of sheer vulgarity and ultimate results. The showiest of the bunch is the slugthrower just by how the weapon discharges chemically propelled solid projectiles, but it is highly effective, as lightsabers cannot deflect these projectiles since they vaporize upon contact. Jango Fett, and through him Boba Fett, have found flamethrowers to be quite effective for the same reason. Many Jedi hunters also try to break their foe’s connection to the Force by releasing sonic waves. Others take advantage of how Jedi prefer close combat by using land mines and how many aren’t quick enough to prevent the spread of venom by employing quality poisoned darts. Then there are, of course, the weapons constructed with lightsaber-resistant technology that can counter Jedi attacks from their preferred weapon of choice. But all of them pale in comparison to this unnamed High Republic relic that can turn Jedi to dust just based on pure showmanship alone. Now readers just need to see this new addition to Star Wars lore in action!

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