May 21, 2024


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Innovations On Springs Used For Garage Doors

In order to improve the performance, safety and cycle life of garage door springs, they have always been subjected to different kinds of innovations regularly. Given below are few such innovations:

1. Galvanization

Before the galvanized torsion springs hit the market a few years back, oil-tempered versions of them were made available in the market. But owing to oily residue and dirty smudges, the installers often had to deal with customer’s ire as they had very little time to deal with it. Galvanization thus came into fore as it dealt with the prevailing condition in a better way. Though the process of galvanization helped reduce the problem considerably, it was known to weaken the springs. Also, these methods were associated with high maintenance costs which customers were not willing to put up with. To help solve this new problem, a new solution was introduced. This meant coating had to be provided to the galvanized springs to counter their oily residue.

2. Innovations with regards to safety

Different products have been introduced in the past few decades with regards to safety features. The TorqueMaster springs that are winded with drill is one of them. These materials were made available inside a garage Door spring repair tube. Furthermore, they had a small diameter. This effectively meant they had to be long enough to lift the springs. EZ-set represented another hardware product of these innovations. They were made available in their winding cones and winders. The stationery versions of them came in different varieties. Though they had disadvantages in terms of their life cycle they were held to an appropriate length and were pre-gapped such that their coils didn’t bend. As a result of this, they appeared as though they were made slinkier than their standard versions.

3. Innovations with regards to weight balance

Newer products have since been launched in the market that dealt with Carriage houses and doors that had windows in their top section. They were designed in such a way that they could easily lend balance to the garage door to which they were made a part of. The arrangement ensured there was even weight distribution. How does it manage to do this? Well, the clutch system present in the product ensures there is upward travel up to three feet and a downward travel of three feet.

People who used sectional garage doors having safety cables had peace of mind as their extension springs provided them with much needed security.